Update October-November 2020: Cybersecurity – Business Projects – New Education Collaborations

Frontrunners Innovate:

Penny Heyes

Frontrunners Innovate is an ever-evolving publication and the lines between particular editions and ongoing content are starting to blur a bit.  That’s on purpose.  We’re aiming for content more on an “as it happens” protocol as opposed to a scheduled timetable.  So, while the landing page lead article will be more thematic, the rest of the content will connect with various impact spaces in our business development arena.  Currently, you can view content around the theme of cybersecurity, data protection, and privacy.  These are, of course, very important and relevant topics…so much so, that before we even published the lead article with Penny Heyes of The Trust Bridge, we had already introduced her to a fellow League member, and they are rolling into a contracted project right now.  Perks of being a League member.  It can happen that fast.

Biz Dev Projects and Contacts Sought:  In progress now…

  • Admin contacts at general hospitals in the US
  • European distributors in health tech
  • Media contacts in healthcare and telehealth anywhere (but primarily US)
  • Medical clinics and labs conducting clinical trials (US)
  • US school system admin contacts
  • Contacts who have manufacturing or infrastructure interests in Southeast Asia
  • Contacts in government ministries in Africa where lack of energy is a serious problem
  • Leaders in the automobile industry – auto manufacturing anywhere
  • University leaders interested in expanding innovative tech programs anywhereThe above just lists a few of the projects we are working on.  If you have a contact you feel would be interested, please contact us about entering you into the business development pool.  info@frontrunnersleague.com

If you are seeing this and aren’t a Frontrunners League member, we invite you to check us out.


Hello Alice and Stacy’s Rise Project has a female founder directory.  Sign up is free.  Check it out here:  https://www.femalefounderfinder.com/?mc_cid=07a2a60350&mc_eid=88adbd7143

Lunchclub is a networking matchup platform that I have been hearing about for a while from some of you.  One of you sent me an invitation, and I’ve been enjoying meeting some new folks who are matched to my business and location interests.  One of them has introduced me to a potential partner, which is really exciting.  Since I’ve not paid anything for it, I’m assuming it’s free.  You simply select your interests and share what date(s) you are available, Lunchclub matches you and sets up the video call, sending you the details.  Something you might try – here’s a link to register.

Kindness Summit hosted by the fabulous Jill Lublin.  Jill is an author, speaker, and consultant with tons of cred in business and promotion.  Join me at her Summit to be held on Friday, Nov. 13th – details below.  (Please share)

9:00 am – 12:00 am Pacific

12:00 pm – 3:00 pm Eastern

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm GMT

Only $27

Register:  https://wc9ml4rk.pages.infusionsoft.net/

Member News:

New Member:  Sevaro Health  – so happy to have them on board.  Be on the lookout for the founder, Dr. Rajiv Narula, to be featured in Frontrunners Innovate.

From Ksenija Cipek:  (Reposted from 10/27/20)

Yes, people need to have control over their own data. In the digital age, self-sovereign identity is the next step toward strengthening that fundamental and democratic freedom!  I am looking forward to discussing, with my esteemed colleagues, at Government Blockchain Association webinar!  Special thanks to dear Mr Shiv Aggarwal and Ms Priya GulianiJoin us 5th November 2020!  Link for event details and registration:  https://lnkd.in/dJtbxaT

From Deb Tauber of Innovative SimSolutions:

Innovative SimSolutions recently launched a few Telehealth Courses, to support your students as they learn how to navigate the future of healthcare.  Anatomy of Telehealth and Telehealth 101: The Basics, are the most recent courses added. Created by experts in the field, Telehealth 101: The Basics, emphasizes best practices for integrating empathy into their Telehealth communications. Our course will further differentiate your nursing program from other programs, demonstrating your willingness to look to the future of healthcare. If you are interested in our bundle programs, we would love to discuss potential discounts for our valued customers. To learn more about our course specifics, please see below. I look forward to setting up a 30-minute conversation and demo in the coming week, when are you available?  https://store.gatewayeducation.com/iss/product/anatomy-telehealth/  www.innovativesimsolutions.com

Anatomy of Telehealth

  • 4-hour Continuing Education Units (CEU)
  • CEUs approved by the American Nurse Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation
  • 8 Self-paced Modules
  • Modules include videos, knowledge assessments, and additional resources
  • Geared towards:
    • NPs, FNPs, PAs, PTs, OTs, SLPs, RNs, LPNs, CNAs
    • Those looking to set up their own Telehealth practice
    • Those wanting to increase their knowledge in the emerging field of Telehealth

Aaron Smith was recently featured in Frontrunners Innovate as an innovator in reconstructing education systems.  A 2-time author and experienced school administrator, Aaron has skills in funding and systems that most of us don’t.  Aaron is collaborating with another education professional (who was also featured in the magazine) on some content projects to bring new eyes and new ideas to the forefront.  If you have an interest in connecting with Aaron and seeing where synergies exist, let us know and we’ll put you in touch.

From Daria Tataj of Tataj Innovation:


You are most cordially invited to attend our next webinar e-Networking for Innovation Nov 18th at 4 PM CET (11 AM EST). If you register and cannot attend, we will send you the recording.  Skills for innovation is a hot topic today. Join us to hear about strategies on how companies invest in talent and use networking to innovate. Please share this invite with CEOs, HR Leaders, partners of the EIT KICs, and all organizations that need to amplify leadership skills so that the remote teams can connect, innovate, and grow.

If you are a League member and have anything to share with us for the next update, send it on.  info@frontrunnersleague.com
Thanks, Mary