Update May 2020: Innovator Survey-Hackathon-Partner Request

by Mary Kurek, CEO, Frontrunners Development Inc. & Frontrunners League

Frontrunners Innovate May Edition:

IBM Watson Health Started us toward our “Corona-Fix” in the 21st Edition of Frontrunners Innovate

“Innovating our way Toward Corona-Fix” is available now.  Thanks much to League member, Robin Smith, for her writing talents and co-editing assistance on this edition.  Please link to the magazine, or if you are featured in this or any edition, please add the link to your website.  

This edition starts off with our friends at IBM’s Watson Health and their solution to the supply chain chaos.  From there, we hit a COVID19 hackathon, opportunities with government set-asides for manufacturers or suppliers that fit the right category, a platform for corona counseling, supply chain vetting, and management straight from the fashion district of NYC, stem cell therapies now in clinical trials for the virus, and a hand-washing monitoring device that keeps the service industry clean.  This and more.  Visit https://www.frontrunnersinnovate.com/


Looking for partners:  If you have are a health-related product/platform with a community of users, get in touch, as we are looking for media partners.

Innovators Survey: We need your help!

Like so many of you, we moved our focus toward handling requests and fulfilling needs during the pandemic and now want to refocus our energies on things that matter to you – the innovators of solutions.  We have just a few questions for you below.  Please copy/paste into an email to Mary

  1. What is your biggest challenge now?
  2. What is the hardest part about working through the challenge?
  3. Why is it hard?
  4. How often are you experiencing the challenge or is it ongoing?
  5. How have you attempted to solve the problem?
  6. What is that you don’t love about the solutions you’ve attempted?
  7. Are you losing money or growth opportunities because of this?

Anything else you would like to share?  If so, and you’d like to chat, include that request in your email.

NOTE:  If you have an innovation with a youtube video demonstration that hits the health/wellness sector and would be interested in advertising your innovation in a Frontrunners Innovate catalog, let us know.  We will inform you of the details as we progress.

Member News:

Living in the Age of the Jerk by Julien de Salaberry and Michael Baxter.

League Member and CEO of Galen Growth Asia & Europe, Julien de Salaberry, co-authored a book with Michael Baxter that is headed for bookshelves soon.  Stay tuned.  Julien is a health innovation influencer.  If you’d like to make sure you don’t miss grabbing the book, send us a note and we’ll get you added to Julien’s early notification list.

League Member, Meghan Gardner, who runs the coolest STEM camp in the US (but uses cultural themes), mentioned this to me in an email not long ago:  “We currently have a Cultural Consultant on staff who lives in Morocco and skypes into our meetings. Since we are exploring Moroccan myths and legends, she is the person who has to approve all of our stories, costuming, etc.  I have also been mentoring a woman in Namibia who founded a nonprofit for teaching parenting skills to lower the incidence of child abuse.  I am always interested in working with organizations in Africa regarding education.”  

If you have an education bend and Meghan’s comments light your fire, let us know.  We’ll get you connected.

Deven PatelGiostar receives FDA Compassionate Use Approval to start stem cell therapies on COVID patients.  See this story in the current Frontrunners Innovate


Dr. Jane Thomason, our resident Blockchain Godmother, has been spreading her magic around.  Loving her new Thinkathon Channel.  This most recent video was quite insightful as we look for our new normal.  https://fintech.tv/thinkathon-health-care-and-lessons-from-covid-thinkathon-playback/


For innovators of digital and mental health initiatives accelerator accepting applications until Nov. 24th.  Innovations in Healthcare is a network produced by Duke Health, McKinsey & Company, and the World Economic Forum.


HackerEarth is producing a HackCovid Hackathon Challenge for Innovators of solutions to Covid-produced problems:   From the current edition of Frontrunners Innovate – check this article and see what other hackathons they are offering:  https://www.frontrunnersinnovate.com/sachin-gupta-hackerearths-hackcovid-safer-smarter-pandemic-response-challenge/

If you are a League member with news to share, please send to us by the 3rd Sunday in the month.