UPDATE June 2020-New Site and Benefits for League Members

Welcome to the June 2020 Update for the Frontrunners League.  This past month has seen lots of changes and exciting announcements.

Let’s start with the new and improved Frontrunners League web site (with new logo that matches up with the magazine).  You likely arrived on this page via link, but, check out the new home page.

You should click each box on the home page to show a bit more about your benefits.  We give examples and share pertinent information that will allow you to get more from being a League member.

The most important thing to note is that the Frontrunners League (member network) and Frontrunners Innovate (magazine) are connected as one offering now.  We are inviting new members that fit with the League and focus of each edition of the magazine…(a sort of viz and biz package with an annual fee).  This won’t impact those of you already members by virtue of being spotlighted in the magazine.  Your membership stands.  Others who have paid memberships will receive a note about their membership.

You’ll also note via the new site that we are promoting the League to people seeking solutions to problems around the world.  We’ve actually been done some of this work, but, we’re marketing this as a service, now. We work within the League to facilitate the development and executive of solutions.

New features for you:

Calendar:  includes magazine content deadlines and other events (can save it to your own calendar)

Business Development Calls:   starting in July, the first Wednesday of each month at noon eastern, we’ll hold 1-hour zoom calls to share a few details about some projects we’re working on.  Maybe you have some ideas, information, or see a fit for your own work.  Email Mary if you’d like to receive the zoom invitation.

Investor Interviews:  being introduced with the next edition of Frontrunners Innovate magazine.  They are brief YouTube videos that will be embedded into the magazine starting July 1.  A few are already loaded onto the Frontrunners Innovate Channel on YouTube. We’re booking these video interviews crazy fast.  Interviews are about 15 minutes on average and the investors/advisors share great info about what is missing from pitch decks, why it’s good to let investors help you staff your board, why innovators miss funding because they’re asking for too little, how innovators find investors, (and more).  Precisely the answers everyone needs.

Next Edition of Frontrunners Innovate:

Breakthrough Innovations in Mental Health and Memory Diseases. I’m over-the-moon excited to be interviewing the world-renowned dementia expert, Teepa Snow, as our lead feature.  Teepa’s deep well of knowledge on different forms of dementias has been game-changing for institutions and policy-makers around the globe.  You’ll gain incredible insight from her.  As of right now, I’m still looking for a couple of innovators that will fit with this edition and would entertain another feature on disruptions in the space.  Pass the word.  Deadline is approaching.

Welcome to new members:

Member News/Events:

From Antoinette Miller, (Technology Training)
Our single day live classes are great for groups of 5 or more. We have the following course topics available:  Microsoft Applications (Level 1 and 2 are available, each level is 1 day).  Excel, Word, PowerPoint- or Outlook Google Apps Introduction. Introduction to cloud-based collaboration software.  Certification Pathways — How to navigate and build a successful career in technology.  Fundamentals of Data Security.  Key strategies to protect your digital life. Great for small business owners!  Contact us for an intro to Antoinette. annie@frontrunnersleague.com 

From Joe Hitt, (Workforce Safety/Wellness Wearable)
Interactive Webinar (Click here to go to Linkedin invitation with link to register)
Workforce Wellness: Enterprise-level REALTIME employee wellness monitoring and management.  Solution powered by SAMSUNG wearable devices monitors Fitness level, fatigue level, dehydration, thermal stress and optimum movement. Key benefits:1. Empowering employees
2. Positively Impacting workplace safety
3. Prevent & Reduce workplace Injury
4. Productivity in WorkplaceKey impacts:1. 30% Reduction in Back Injury Risk
2. 50% Reduction in Exertion Risk
3. 30% Reduction in workers’ injury ClaimsTime : 1PM Sydney Time / 3PM NZ Time
Date : 2nd July, 2020

Check out recent Linkedin posting by Mei Chen.

From Julien de Salaberry:   HealthTech Alpha is the on-demand platform, with rigorously curated data, unique insights, and state-of-the-art workflow.  To request a demo of  HealthTech Alpha or learn more about Galen Growths HealthTech Acceleration Programmes, contact info@galengrowth.com.

From our partners, WokenUp:

Over the last quarter, we have:

  • Launched our jobs board, advertising jobs with purpose to our SDG-driven community.  https://jobs.wokenup.com/
  • Passed the 1,000 community members milestone, reaching a 7% week-on-week growth rate.
  • Developed a White Label offering so companies can benefit from the WokenUp technology to develop their internal comms network.

If you’d like to connect with our partners at WokenUp, contact annie@frontrunnersleague.com

Don’t forget to send us your news to share with the League.