Hello all.  Lots happening lately with the League.  Check the video on some of the connections that have been happening over last few weeks.  We’ll be updating the portal about once a week with member news and connections, as well as new opps we see for you.  Check often.  This video shares some of those – but, read below – because we’re sharing some member requests and news of events and funding opps.


  • From member, JoAnn Castillo, Founder/CEO of Powerfirm: several hospitals in the Phillippines for sale.  If you know a contact that could be interested, let me know.  Also, JoAnn is looking to take her business (air ambulance outfitted like a mini-clinic and land mobile clinics plus telemedicine programs) into areas of Africa and Asia.  If you have contacts, contact me mary@marykurek.com
  • Conference & Innovation Competition from Blockchain Nation Oct. 9/10, 2018 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJZ6zV5LEBE
  • Blockchain in Healthcare Today -first international peer-review journal focusing exclusively on blockchain technology in healthcare, has a call for articles out.  See author instruction page here:  https://blockchainhealthcaretoday.com/index.php/journal/authors
  • Member, Arthur Bavelas, who heads Family Office Insights is interested in speaking with social-impact innovators who are seeking funding. You must have a strong pitch deck and be heavily credentialed in your space.
  • Member, Marc Jarrett, as some of you may have seen via his email, is now the UK rep for Silicon Valley Innovation Center, which includes some of the brightest leaders in innovation.  He invites exploration and connections who could be interested in the program.  (If you can gather 10 or more together for one of their programs, your spot is free).  Here’s an example of one of their programs for Volkswagon  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2qGfK0x-_FeY0hsTVJhc3JTQzlEUHY3X3JWR084N3ZmTFRB  Contact him direct: marc@emjayconsultancy.com 
  • One of our members is looking for a website designer that has experience in working with tech companies.  If you have a good referral, please share with me.  mary@marykurek.com
  • Member, Dr. Nema, is looking for connections inside Africa that would have interest in his mobile power grid system.  It becomes a complete economic development project for the local area in which it would reside.  If you have connections, please share with me mary@marykurek.com 
  • The Ryman Prize is a $250,000 annual award for the world’s best development, advance or achievement that enhances the quality of life for older people.  The prize is awarded each year by an international jury appointed by The Ryman Foundation. The Prize, which consists of a cash sum of $250,000 and a commemorative medal, was launched by the Right Honourable John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, in February 2015.  Entries for 2018 are open now – closing Aug. 31.  Visit https://www.rymanprize.com/?cmpid

If you have an update, request, or resource to share, please comment here and/or send to me for the next update.  mary@marykurek.com



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    Member, Robert Branch, just shared this link with me to a REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS from The ALZ Drug Discovery Foundation. “Bill Gates and ADDF co-founder Leonard Lauder are partnering and adopting a new approach that brings together philanthropic capital with a venture mindset to advance bold new ideas for easier and more accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.” Read more here: https://www.alzdiscovery.org/research-and-grants/diagnostics-accelerator

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    Thanks Canadian Order Pharm — We do a blog posting once a month (sometimes 2x) for our Frontrunners League members. They are a very active group.

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