Update July 2020: Contact Tracing for Venues – Data Protection Seminar – SDGs on COVID

Hello Members. We hope everyone is well.  Next Business Development Call is on for Wed., Aug 5, noon eastern.  We’ll talk about a few projects we have rolling – you may be interested in assisting.  Check the League Calendar for more details on monthly calls, other events, and deadlines for the magazine.  Email annie@frontrunnersleague.com to let us know if you want an invitation to the call.

We’ve been busy onboarding some amazing new members:

Craig Fearn – UK

Craig Fearn:  Founder and CEO of Business Mental Wellbeing — Craig’s work in mental wellness helps corporations and organizations who care about the full spectrum of employee needs.  His impact takes form in the construction of appropriate content for feedback surveys, company charters, and even counseling.  You’ll meet Craig in the July edition of Frontrunners Innovate due out 7/30/2020.

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/craig-fearn1/

Website:  https://businessmentalwellbeing.com/


Marissa Fayer – US

Marissa Fayer:  Founder and CEO of HerHealthEQ — Marissa helps to get needed equipment and supplies to areas of the world in need of support for women’s health. You can meet Marissa in the August 2020 edition of Frontrunners Innovate focusing on women’s health.

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/marissa-fayer-b788451/

Website:  https://www.herhealtheq.org/

Penny Heyes – UK

Penny Heyes:  Penny is the co-founder and COO of The Trust Bridge, which offers businesses a unique combination of expertise designed to ensure that they deliver trusted, compliant services to their customers, in the light of the new GDPR regulations which came into force in May 2018, and other global regulations such as CCPA (California Jan. 2020)  You’ll meet Penny in the October 2020 edition of Frontrunners Innovate which will focus on health data and patient privacy.

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/penny-heyes-b752832/

Website:  http://www.thetrustbridge.co.uk/

Reminder:  The new improved League is a “viz and biz” package that involves a) an invitation into the membership-based League which serves as a business development activity center and b) includes a spotlight in an edition of Frontrunners Innovate online magazine, which, by the way, now includes Investor/Advisor interviews.  Check them out here:  https://www.frontrunnersinnovate.com/  (Investor/Advisor Interviews are identified with the Frontrunners Innovate “I” icon shown to the right.

You’ll note also that we’ve reformatted the magazine to include short video interviews for spotlighted members and also some features.  

Opportunity Note:

From our partners at Living Learning & Working: “One of our eco partners has started a venue contact registration service called OpenCheck. (open-check.org)  This platform was built to support COVID contact tracking and tracing.  Currently free for all venues while they complete their trial, (and possibly free thereafter too.)”

Member Announcements:

From Darryl and Edye Hughes:  “Edye and I are excited and honored to announce Hughes Who Technologies Studio’s newest board member Godfrey Coker. Godfrey Coker is a clinical researcher and social entrepreneur with over ten years of data analysis expertise focused on enhancing minority recruitment in patient trials. Godfrey currently serves as a Clinical Trials Manager at Keck School of Medicine via the University of Southern California. As a refugee who immigrated into the United States, Godfrey has partnered with Darryl McDaniels of the group Run DMC, to help provide education and job skill programs for the ex-child soldiers in Sierra Leone. As an innovator with an impact-driven spirit, Godfrey worked with his brother that same year to create the Shikapa App. Shikapa is a mobile wallet to add, pay, access, send, and receive money anywhere. It provides mobile payment capabilities for families and businesses in emerging markets. Godfrey holds a dual Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology from Purdue University and two Master’s degrees from the University of Southern California.

Note:  Godfrey is also a member of the Frontrunners League.  Love it when two members get together for a greater cause.

From Penny Heyes of The Trust Bridge:   7/22/2020…”Last week The European Court of Justice passed a significant judgment: it struck down the EU-US Privacy Shield, removing a key method for lawful transfers of personal data from the EU (and the UK) to the USA.  What does this mean for all organizations?  You could be in breach of the Data Protection Regulations around the world and subject to an immediate fine of up to €20 million ($22 million) or 4% of global annual turnover (whichever is higher).  You may be forced to SUSPEND or CEASE business with those 3rd parties to and from whom you transfer personal data.  We are running an online seminar on July 30th at 16.00 BST / 11am ET / 8 am PT during which Malcolm Dowden of Transatlantic law firm Womble Bond Dickinson, Jonathan Bowker CEO of Innovative Integrations and David Clarke of The Trust Bridge will examine the key issues which should concern every CEO and Board director.  They will also look at a fast seamless way to identify if your organisation is potentially in breach and thus subject to a fine of up to 10 million Euro fine,  ($US 10 million) and what to do to avoid that.  For more information and to register please see:  https://www.thetrustbridge.co.uk/schrems-ii-judgement

The seminar cost includes a 15 minute one on one consultation following the seminar  UK £ 45 inc VAT  US $ 55

From our partners at the Sustainable Development Solutions Network:  SDSN and Bertelsmann Stiftung Launch the 2020 Sustainable Development Report  .  The 2020 Sustainable Development Report, which includes the SDG Index and Dashboards, was released on 30 June 2020. Published by Cambridge University Press, the report outlines the likely short-term impacts of Covid-19 on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and describes how the SDGs can frame the recovery. The report also tracks progress towards the SDGs in each country.

From Mubiru Dissan:  “Dissan” is one of our World Hope Youth Mentors graduates from Uganda.  His turmoil over lost wages and a large family to care for earlier this year due to the pandemic has turned into one of the most amazing role-model stories I’ve heard.  I asked him to write it up and send pictures…and that he did.  And, we felt strongly that we needed to share his story as a feature in Frontrunners Innovate.  Take a moment to check out his pictures and see how he has turned this life-changing moment in time into a major win.  Here’s the link: https://www.frontrunnersinnovate.com/covid-19-success-story-from-an-enterprising-native-of-uganda/ Feel humbled and grateful.  This is feel-good on steroids.  If you are inclined, I’m sure Dissan would welcome a little congratulations.  You can find him on Linkedin here:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/mubiru-dissan-0a6981197/

The Founder of Youth Initiative for Africa Development, Mr. Abdul-Rahman Abdullai, shares a blog posting on how rural natives of Ghana are protecting themselves against COVID-19.  https://campusweb360.blogspot.com/2020/04/to-remove-ignorance-is-important-branch_11.html?m=1

We’d love to hear your news.  Feel free to email announcements, board appointments, launches, new partnerships, resource requests, etc. to League Communications Director, Annie Moon, at annie@frontrunnersleague.com.  Be sure to indicate that it is for the next League update.