[Update – Jan 2020] Minority Women Leaders Leveraging Tech, 2 League Members Under Contract, and How League Business Development Works

NOTE:  The 18th Edition of The Introducer was released 1/26/19 on FinTech Literacy & Creativity in Finance.  Link here:  https://www.theintroducermagazine.com/

Chrissa McFarlane and her new book, FUTURE WOMEN

New game-changing book authored by League Member, Chrissa McFarlane

Chrissa McFarlane, one of the women blockchain leaders featured in The Introducer #11 and Founder/CEO of Patientory Inc, is now sharing her wisdom through her new book, Future Women – Minority Female Entrepreneurship and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the era of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Through the book, we join Chrissa on a journey to ensure minority women leaders and entrepreneurs can leverage all opportunities available from the new digital landscape. 

Chrissa says, “Of the $424.7 billion of funding raised in the past decade for startup companies, less than 2% went to minority women founders.  With an emphasis on diversity and inclusion at the center of this new economy, the time has come for minority women to be part of the building process.”

It’s time for minority women to rewrite history and ensure this statistic becomes a thing of the past.  Indeed, the Amazon bit is spot on when it proclaims ‘It’s time for Future Women to claim their place in the Fourth Industrial Revolution!’.

You can purchase your copy HERE and read the full backstory HERE.

World Hope Youth Mentors Program – reaping the benefits

Trudy, an employee of CINTA Foundation Uganda, joined World Hope Youth Mentors (WHYM) as a program partner to learn and steer forward their youth empowerment program. She was mentored by Frontrunners League Advisory Board Member, Wendy Steele (#6 The Introducer – Women Empowerment).

Trudy reports back on the success story of one young man for whom it made the world of difference.

She picks up the story: “Among our beneficiaries was one young boy called Mubiru Dissan, aspiring to be an orthopedic surgeon but had all the odds working against his future dream.

He scored aggregate 7 in Primary Level, 14 Points in 8 subjects at O- level only to be given a bursary that he failed to take up because of a lack of scholastic materials and admission fee.  He then joined a second-grade school with Biology/Chemistry/Geography combination and scored 16 points but never made it to the government list of medicine. He settled for a diploma in Orthopedics and has had to get 2 re-takes because of late reporting and limited access to course literature all requiring funds that he couldn’t mobilize on time.

With wise counsel from Wendy Steele, my mentor, I was able to make a beneficial link through Dr. Juliet Nabyonga for this boy. We are grateful to Dr. Sabrina Kitaka who has mobilized her class of 1990 to make this boy’s dream come true. He will be able to complete his diploma next year and hopefully, one day join a degree course to become an orthopedic surgeon.”

What a great outcome!  And there’s more amazing work happening courtesy of The Frontrunners Youth League Members.  Keep reading…

Providing Free Cancer Screenings & General Health Screenings

Alejandro Gaytan

Alejandro Gaytan, Frontrunners Youth League Member (#14 The Introducer – Developing Youth as Global Citizens: The Survival Mission) is the founder and leader of the United Nations Organization in Bakersfield, CA and has done some amazing work in his local community…

For the third consecutive year, free colorectal, prostate, breast cancer and general health screenings took place thanks to months of preparation and a simple idea from Alejandro Gaytan (named a UN Youth Ambassador in 2018) to provide medical assistance and clinical checkups to the low-income and underrepresented communities in Bakersfield, CA.

One of his United Nations Organization branches, the World Health Organization (directly affiliated with WHO’s headquarters in Geneva), worked and continues to work with Bakersfield’s Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center (CBCC) and Bakersfield’s Dignity Health medical professionals to help provide both cancer awareness and educate families about the risks and signs of developing cancer.

Over forty UN volunteers were present at each screening, helping translate, setting up the Dignity Health screening camps, filing paperwork, providing information during the cancer panels and more, for over 300 attendees at each location. Alejandro’s work with the UN’s WHO has helped break stigmas surrounding cancer within Bakersfield’s Sikh, Hispanic, and African-American communities.

WELL DONE Alejandro – exactly what we hope from our Youth Impact League!

Marc Jarrett

The Frontrunners League WhatsApp Group is Launched!

Marc Jarrett, (The Introducer #3) and Managing Director of Emjay Consultancy Ltd, is well known for being a super connector.  He’s recently put his skills to good use on behalf of The Frontrunners League, by working with Mary to roll-out a WhatsApp Group for League Members, so that everyone can get to know each other better and start talking about how to address the issues which most matter to members.

Not 10 seconds after we opened up the Frontrunners group on Whatsapp, the connecting began.  We’ve already seen connections we didn’t even realize was possible.  Love that.  So please reach out to Mary (mary@marykurek.com) if you are on WhatsApp and would like to join in.

The WhatsApp Group is already proving to be effective with lots of convo about humantrafficking and touching on the work that some of the members have been involved in. More members than we even know have been working toward prevention, rescue, and policy.

If you have a special interest or have been working on some aspect of this terrible concern, let us know – or if you want in on the convo, ask for an invite here. The League will be partnering on a special effort coming out of the UK in this space.

How The Introducer Magazine and The League Works: 

First, and, most important to know:  We are all about business development The Introducer Magazine is the first step in our unique process.  It’s where we gather game-changers (you) to bring to the forefront via a spotlight with your stories and your impact.  From there, you drop into The Frontrunners League (if you wish) as a courtesy.  The League is where we start to put puzzle pieces together, and, by we, I mean myself, Annie, and our business partners at Living, Learning, & Working, Inc.  Once we see a connection that needs to happen (ie:  looks like it could go to business), we will check with the parties involved, make the introduction if agreed upon, and facilitate all calls until it meets a natural result.

We don’t charge those of you who were featured in the magazine and we don’t charge for business development services until an actual business contract is secured and a transaction occurs that results in your “happy dance.”  (When it looks as though a business transaction is about to occur between a League member -you-and someone else that we’ve introduced, a contract from Living, Learning, & Working is issued to you that will include a business development commission which will be due once you receive funds from your transaction.) 

If you have questions about any of this, feel free to reach out to Mary.

Note:  Knowing the above, it is in your best interest to keep us updated on your business happenings.  We are talking with resources every day.  We’d hate for you to miss out on a potential opportunity.

Dr. Osita Aniemeka

Building Partnerships in Africa

We’re delighted to announce that Osita Aniemeka (#14 The Introducer – Developing Youth as Global Citizens: The Survival Mission), our wonderful new partner in Nigeria, now sits on The Frontrunners League and Living Learning Working Boards. We happily support his recently launched Sub Saharan Open University.  Look for Osita to be the Guest Editor of the March Special Edition of the magazine on Sustainable Development for Africa!  And, we may have a little twist for you to reveal in that edition.

Chance Glenn & Rakshit Mehta


3D Tech Printing Components Manufacturing Deal Launched between League Members with Support from India PM’s ‘Made in India’ initiative

One of the most rewarding aspects of the Frontrunners League is seeing Members’ relationships develop and deepen, often to the point of blossoming into a collaboration.

This is why we’re particularly pleased to announce a new partnership between League Members, Chance Glenn (#3 The Introducer) and Rakshit Mehta (#12 The Introducer – The Value of Health Tech) leveraging Chance’s 3D printing tech and Rakshit’s stellar manufacturing network and contacts in India.

READ the full story here.

3D Printing and Health Care

And, remaining on the topic of 3D printing, another League Member, Dr Thirumurugan (#3 The Introducer), was recently interviewed by Industrial Automation about 3D printing and health care…

Thiru shares some fascinating insights into the latest developments:

Gartner research says, by 2025, nearly 25% of the surgeons will practice on 3D printed models prior to patient surgery. The most common medical applications are: anatomical models for teaching and surgical training; bio-printing of cells, tissue scaffolds towards organ-on-a-chip concepts; customised orthotics and prosthetics; drug printing; medical devices; and patient specific implants.

Augmented reality (AR), Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) being developed for educational and training purposes are in lock-step with the 3D technology. Smart materials and sensors are bringing unimaginable advancements in diagnostic and monitoring aspect of health care. The combination of AR, VR, smart materials and sensors along with 3D printing will bring innovations which are beyond our imagination in the field of health care.”

READ the full interview here.

Keep on sending us your updates and networking interests.  You can contact Mary (mary@marykurek.com).  Also, feel free to share any comments on the blog in the space below.