[Update: Feb 2020]– New Name for The Introducer and Business Development Opportunities

This year is already off to a rolling start.  Here’s what’s new and coming up:

COMING UP:  The Introducer Magazine is getting a new title.  With the next edition due out the end of March, the new title will be Frontrunners Innovate, which ties directly to the name of our companion network, Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation, and the company that owns it all, Frontrunners Development, Inc. (New logo revealed to you first above.) You’ll notice some new features coming along after this edition goes public, like a calendar of events and editorial calendar with topics/deadlines, sponsor ads, a lifestyle column, and more.  You’ll be notified when the change occurs.

As long as we’re on the subject of the magazine, we now have a link with article submission guidelines.  Feel free to check it out here.

The next edition of the magazine will be– Self-Sustaining Continent:  African Innovations for Development.  League member, Dr. Osita Aniemeka of the Sub Saharan Open University in Nigeria is co-producing and serving as guest editor.  We’ve selected several leaders to spotlight and have already begun accepting submissions (see link above for submission guidelines should you have work in Africa creating impact.)  Along with submissions, we are also accepting advertising sponsors for this special edition.  $100 for League members for an ad that will appear on every page in this edition in the side column.  Contact editor@theintroducermagazine.com should you be interested.  Non-League members can buy a League membership for $800 that will include their ad.  Feel free to share.

IN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:  Below are some projects we are working on in our pipeline and the types of connections we are looking for.  As always, if you help with a successful introduction, you will share in the benefits.

  • We are working with a company that does diagnostic testing for drug “cheating” -product on market now. They are disrupting, as they are the only diagnostic product currently that can detect synthetic urine. Their trials are beating drug-testing labs like crazy.  Looking for contacts in ports, court systems, prisons, and military.
  • We have a product that serves up 24/7 telehealth for correctional facilities, schools, etc – company is on market and worldwide.  They provide telehealth (including mental health) around the clock
  • Phlebotomy simulator for training — authentic sleeve with the capability of several hundred sticks.  Very cost-effective and really excellent for community health workers, disaster organizations, and health clinic training.  A version is also available for veterinary applications.  (see more information below under Member Updates – Elizabeth Roth Benson).
  • 3d printer of functional electronics — can print sensors and other devices.  Looking for universities or manufacturers where this sort of print-on-demand would save time, money, etc.
  • Electronic waste disposal – includes the deletion of sensitive data contained in the e-devices.  Looking for automobile manufacturers that include computerized data.  Also, universities, hospitals, etc. that need this service for compliance.
  • Telehealth services for disaster readiness and relief.  From our physician/entrepreneur in the Philippines comes disaster kits as well as blue-toothed medical kits that link to a satellite for connectivity to telehealth services.  Looking for disaster NGOs or governments with need in remote areas.
  • Mobile power grid systems that can run an entire community and can become part of the local economic scenario as it adds jobs and is self-sustaining.  Meant for communities without utility systems.
  • Wearable aimed at workplace safety on market with several large corporations as clients. This is perfect for manufacturing or warehouse situations and has the capability of alerting for a potential heart attack.  Detects and alerts on bad lifts, dehydration, and fatigue with data going to the cloud for leadership review of improvements in different shifts of workers.  Saves on worker injuries, time off of work, and improves proficiency in worker safety and productivity.
  • Sub Saharan Open University -we are helping to raise funds for education/entrepreneurship, STEM, and mentorship programming.  University is founded by our partner in Nigeria who currently works with the Central Bank there.  Also looking for a source for used or broken laptops.

These are some of the projects we are working on.  Connect with Mary if you have a good introduction you can make.


Update from Elizabeth Roth Benson:  “Exciting news! The research study completed at the University of  Missouri last year using our veterinary products with students training to become Doctors of Veterinary Medicine was just published! Here’s a quote from the article summary: ‘Results of this study demonstrated that students receiving initial instruction with the model achieved better scores in terms of both time to accomplish the task and accuracy for catheter placement in a live horse when compared with students that received their first instruction on a live horse. The use of this IV catheter placement training tool, therefore, served to lessen the cost of training and to minimize animal discomfort during this component of veterinary student training.’ Here’s the link: https://doi.org/10.1111/eve.13260  If you know anyone in the animal world – let us know.”

Lavinia Osbourne is getting ready to host a special event that will take her into a leadership role of facilitating future Women Leaders in Blockchain events.  From Lavinia:

“Interested in doing some online networking via REMO the virtual networking room?
A few Women in Blockchain community leaders will be hosting an event via REMO for International Women’s Day on Sat 7th March. They will be talking about visibility and effective networking/leadership skills!”


Dean Stott, former UK Special Forces turned social entrepreneur and extreme adventurer has written a new book.  Relentless hit the shelves in the fall of 2019 and Dean has since been taking the mesmerizing stories from the book to corporate meetings, military classrooms, professional associations, and the media.  We’re interested in getting Dean connected to interested sources in the US and other countries to share his experiences in meeting life-threatening challenges, overcoming odds, and persevering when the only belief in success is the one you hold for yourself.  Frontrunners Development, Inc. in conjunction with the new online meeting platform, REMO, will be hosting a virtual book reading with Dean in April.  No fee required, but registration is a must.  We’ll be sending out details soon.  Thanks to Marc Jarrett for helping us to put this event together.

Note:  If you missed it in the last posting, our Whatsapp Guru and League member, Marc Jarrett, has started a Frontrunners Whatsapp Group.  If you’d like to jump into the convo, let Mary know and you’ll be sent the invitation.

That’s it for this post.  Remember to send us your updates and requests for resources.