[Update DEC 2019] The Introducer – Innovator Solutions to the Diabetes Epidemic, Latest Biz Opps, WHY Mentoring Online Store Goes Live

17th Edition of The Introducer – Innovator Solutions to the Diabetes Epidemic Launches

Welcome to the latest edition of The Introducer – Innovator Solutions to the Diabetes EpidemicDive in to meet these awesome game changers, as well as some of our existing Frontrunner League members who excel at creating targeted social impact that, quite literally, changes people’s lives for the better (and can potentially be life saving), often taking the latest innovations in #medtech to new heights.

We feature Tracey D. Brown, Executive Director, American Diabetes Association, (she, herself, is thriving with Type 2 diabetes).  Along with many others, Tracey is determined to stop the diabetes epidemic in its tracks.

We reveal the myriad ways in which game-changers are tackling this…





Thomas Serena is leading in ‘woundology’ – taking advantage of the latest diagnostics which complement the advanced wound care dressings to provide best-in-class foot ulcer treatment, which can be a symptom of diabetes.

READ more about his groundbreaking work here.




Laurent Nicolas, CEO of DIABNEXT, which leads in remote patient monitoring.  Developed by patients and physicians, DIABNEXT is today a unique Diabetes Digital solution, readily available on App Stores and in a Web version both for Patients, Hospitals and Clinics. Remote monitoring of patients with Diabetes has proven records of very high outcomes in terms of quality of care for the patients and in terms of time-saving and cost for hospitals.

READ the full story here.

Do check out the #17 The Introducer to be inspired by the people behind the latest innovations in addressing the diabetes epidemic.

The WHY Mentoring Online Store

We’re pleased to announce that the WHY Mentoring Program now has its very own online store on Member, Brandon Schielack’s The Platforum (Brandon was featured in The Introducer Special Edition – Disaster Readiness).  Purchases from the store will support the WHY Mentoring Program to create even more impact.

We’d love to invite you to get involved too by gifting your talents, time or items.  Have a think about what you could offer to make a difference?  Mary’s offering an hour’s business development consultation; Annie’s offering a helping hand with some virtual assistant support.  Our vision is to showcase a variety of contributions from our fantastic League Members.

CHECK OUT the store HERE.

Business Opportunities December 2019

This is a must-read post as we reveal the latest business opportunities and potential collaborations.  Take a good look and grab the opportunity that will turbo charge your impact in 2020!


Here’s a selection:

  • Technology innovators interested in manufacturing deals in India. Patent, Marketing, Licensing, and plenty of other offerings on this.
  • Corporations with an interest in exploring recycling for electronic devices (automobile, academics, health industries, particularly).
  • Disruptive innovators in healthcare looking for potential collaborators, business connections, and other opportunities.

CHECK OUT the breadth of opportunities here.

Innovation is the lifeblood of our League Members; take a look at what some of our Members are working on right now:

New position as Curriculum Developer and Trainer for Royal Caribbean Cruises at Guard Up’s Guardian Adventures

Meghan Gardner (#1 The Introducer), Founder  of Guardian Adventures, explains how it started with a Facebook Messenger message…

Royal Caribbean Cruises reached out to GuardUp via social media.  They wanted Meghan and her team to create interactive STEM adventures for their newly renovated Oasis of the Seas, the 4th largest cruise ship in the world.

This program enabled GuardUp to expand its reach and curriculum to such a degree that they’re now expanding their work and team even further.

READ the backstory here.

Pop-Up Health Kiosks

JoAnn C (#3 The Introducer), Founder & CEO of Powerfirm Ventures International Inc, is bringing telehealth medicine to the most remote areas with the least infrastructure where it’s most needed.  Pop-up health kiosks are the latest offering.

FIND out more about this product here.




AI Conversation Chatbot as a Wellness Educator and Coach

Mei Chen (#2 The Introducer), and her partner, Michel Decary, founders of Cogilex R & D, Inc. and SEENSO Health have developed an AI Conversational Chatbot to help patients with diabetes self-manage their disease with the best information accessible on demand.  Cogilex was recently selected as one of eight to pitch at AI Med Shark Tank, Australia.

You can READ the full story here, including a 10-minute video that includes a demo of a conversation between Michel and Nurse Gordon (the chatbot.)

On a festive note…

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