Update August 2020: Next Business Development Call Set and Member Impact Gaining Interest


August Edition is live!  We’ve started the ball rolling on the topic of Women’s Health & Maternal Wellness in the 23rd edition of Frontrunners Innovatewww.frontrunnersinnovate.com  

September Edition: the topic is “Back To School” and focuses on innovations in education during a pandemic.  If you know of an innovator we should talk to, please let us know.  


Next Business Development Call is scheduled for Wednesday 9/2 at 12 noon eastern.  This is an invitation-only Zoom call for League members or serious candidates for the League. We’ve been on fire lately – a couple of large projects, an influx of new members, and phone calls in the last two weeks that have put some more interesting projects in front of us.  Let’s chat and see if you fit anywhere or if YOU have something you need to share. You’ll need to notify us to be included.  annie@frontrunnersleague.com 

Frontrunners Development Inc. News: Mary was a panel speaker at the first annual Bar JUNI and Irene Legacy Lectures virtual event in August.  Along with an esteemed panel of speakers from across the globe, the subject focused on post-COVID Education.  Additionally, Mary was guest speaker at the “Your Partnerships” USA Launch in August.  Your Partnerships Global is a new partner for the Frontrunners League.  Attendees are from all over the globe creating an impact in diverse spaces.  You are welcome to check out this networking group. Visit here https://www.yourpartnerships.co.uk/business-networking-events-uk/



Deb Tauber: Congrats to Deb, Founder, CEO of Innovative SimSolutions for getting picked up for Cohort #3 for the Women in Entrepreneurship Institute Accelerator.  Link to her announcement here.

Joe Hitt & GoX Labs produced an info-packed webinar on their “Boost” solution recently:  Link here  https://meeting.zoho.com/public/videoprv?recordingId=571b89b0f46461b69f46c2bf78d605cc749c9bec96f858c5446b311523214482

Ngozika Victoria Onyekwelu has a crowd-funding project going for The Bright Future Project which is an innovative recycling plant in Zambia.  Check out her youtube below.

Abdul-Rahman Abdullai of Youth Initiative for Africa Development (YIFAD) has a Relief Support Project in gear for the less privileged in the Ghanaian society.  Hand sanitizers, nose masks, and Veronica buckets are available for purchase and distribution of PPES during COVID-19.  Cash donations are being sought. “Youth Initiative for Africa Development is duly registered under the Companies Act, 1963(Act 179) in August 2013 as a nongovernmental organization that is set up with social empowerment as our key tenet.”   Contact information here:

Youth Initiative for Africa Development (NGO)
P.O. Box SR 74, Spintex – Accra


Email Address: info@yifadgh.org
Website: www.yifadgh.org

Mobile Number: +233 543 586 727 / +233 501056654

Shan Sankaran of Nix Whistle shares this:  “We have launched FixNix++, The Virtual Security Officer Platform (FixNix FreshGRC+vCISO alliance). Takes the misery and mystery out of passing security audits like SOC 2, GDPR, and ISO 27001 so you can slay more deals and stay secure. https://fixnix.fyi.to/fixnix-the-virtual-security-officer-platform Why us: Keeping your company secure, responding to due diligence questionnaires, and completing audits is pushing your security team to their limits. With finding security talent becoming more challenging, the time has come for a technology solution to help you scale, so you can sell more | Get world-class Gartner rated FreshGRC platform in a very methodological fashion | All of the above under the wise eyes of a top Cyber Security thought leader.”

REDI Local Market

Recognition from Fayette County, TX

Brandon Shielack of REDI Market is a smart member who pivoted into pandemic mode with home school classes and a crazy-good fresh market.  And, he’s got recognition to provide it’s working.  Congrats to Brandon.  And, can’t wait to see what else comes of your hard work.  Great impact.



Deven Patel, CEO of GioStar shared this news clip regarding their work on a COVID treatment solution:  https://www.10news.com/news/coronavirus/experimental-covid-treatment-may-have-saved-mans-life


The Honorable Col. Dr. Sam Verniero recently received several honors from the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Georgia.  His volunteer service and humanitarian work, especially for disabled citizens have earned him these commendations.  We salute our friend and fellow League member for his faithful service even in the face of his own health concerns. 

Namara Lwansa

Namara Lwansa is a teen living in Tanzania and was brought to our attention after the last edition of Frontrunners Innovate on mental health and memory wellness.  Her father got in touch sharing the story of his young daughter’s desire to become a public speaker and her Youtube video explaining mental health.  We were blown away that a 13 y/o would have such presence.  Because of this, we have been rallying to put “wheels” under young Namara to help her grow in leadership and talent.  If you know of a resource that would help her, please share.  Here’s the interview we did with her and her father.  https://www.frontrunnersinnovate.com/teenager-from-tanzania-becomes-public-speaker-and-youth-influencer/

That’s it for this month.  Remember to share your news and requests with us.  annie@frontrunnersleague.com