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SPECIAL EDITION of The Introducer – #15 – Royals, Diplomats and Philanthopists: Legacy Impact

Wow, it’s been a busy Summer so far!  The 15th Edition of The Introducer is now live; it speaks directly to The Introducer/The Frontrunners League’s core mission: create impact for good, with a focus on legacy impact.

A huge thank you to Wendy Steele, Frontrunners League Advisory Board Member, who did a superb job as guest Editor.



Here are a few of the highlights from this issue:

We meet Her Highness, Princess (Dr.) Dato’ Seri Romona Murad, Malaysia’s Ambassador of International Peace.  Her Highness comes from an illustrious lineage that includes Alexander the Great and continues back to Isaac, the son of Abraham.

Her Highness is involved with many charities and humanitarian organizations. She is a member of the board for the International Royal Academy of the United Nations which confers Honorary Ph. Ds in education, arts, and business to extraordinary humanitarians around the globe.

The awards and titles held by Her Highness are too numerous to list here.  In 2014, she was nominated as the “Most Contributing Person in the World”  in the area of Peace and Humanity, along with Melinda Gates and Michelle Obama by the International Council of Human Rights, Arbitration and Political Studies based in Egypt. She serves on the International Council of Human Rights in Egypt and is a spokesperson for refugees, which she reveals is a serious challenge in Malaysia, as they are brought in from areas like Bosnia, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Syria.

You can read more of HER HIGHNESS’ story here.




Ambassador Rubina Ali of Pakistan is Taking Her Peacemaking Plan on The Road: First Stop…Africa

You can read her inspirational story here.




Mrs. Scotland 2018, Alana Stott, is Using Her Crown and Her Family to Help Combat Human Trafficking. 

Find out how Alana is doing this by catching up with her here.


The Introducer – #15 – Networking Post

The 15th Edition of The Introducer has supercharged the networking action with League Members and #15 Gamechangers spotting opportunities and reaching out to us for introductions.  It’s truly phenomenal to see how The Frontrunners League is scaling its impact.

For even more networking opportunities, take a look at #15 The Introducer’s Networking post (thanks, Mary).

These are just a few highlights from the latest edition of The Introducer. If you’d like to discover more about legacy impact, take a look at the edition in full and spend some time getting to know the fantastic featured Royals, Diplomats and Philanthropists.  Check it out here.


Youth Mentoring Program – calling all mentors!

A personal message from Mary:

“I’m reaching out to League members whom I believe might be interested in serving as a mentor.

First, to know, this WILL NOT be a time consumptive activity. We know how busy you are – but, even a little of your time will go a long way to provide hope, motivation, career information, and maybe some of your own connections.

We’re thinking a 3-month commitment with 2x a month reach-out to the mentee. Certainly, you can interact more if you feel compelled. We have several programs that need women professionals and other programs that are entrepreneurship-oriented, so the participants will be interested in that topic. And, I have been told mentees to the young entrepreneurs is absolutely critical. Of note, we are including refugees in these countries, as well, so the age range is 16-35. (35 is still young to me, but just know you may not be matched with a teen).”


How you can help:

  • Volunteer Mentors – 34 mentors have stepped forward so far (thanks to you all!).  We’re still looking for more though.  Please hit the reply button and let Mary know if you are in.  This is one of the best reasons we do The Introducer and The League.
  • Sponsorship – We are looking for a sponsor or two (value USD$4-5K) for the 3-month pilot this fall.  If you’d like to help or know another person/business who’d love to support next generation impact leaders, please could you help get the word out? Thank you.


Circulate Capital Helping to Solve Ocean Plastic Crisis

Circulate Capital is no ordinary private investing firm – they’re an impact-focused investment management firm dedicated to financing innovation, companies, and infrastructure that prevent the flow of plastic waste into the world’s ocean while advancing the circular economy.

That’s why we’re so pleased that they’ve now opened a new office in Singapore (thanks for the heads-up, Robert Branch!).

Rob Kaplan, CEO & Founder, explains, “Following the announcement of our first investors at Our Ocean last September we have worked diligently staffing our team and starting due diligence on investment opportunities starting first in India and Indonesia”.

This will help Circulate Capital advance their blended finance partnership with USAID and Ocean Conservancy to combat ocean plastic pollution.


***CALL OUT: Manufacturing & Distributing a Product in India with a Tech Focus***

Are you interested in Manufacturing & Distributing a Product in India with a Tech Focus?

If so, please get in touch with Mary (mary@marykurek.com) if this is relevant to you and you’d like to know more.



GuardUp! Featured in Forbes Boston Business Council News Update

The Frontrunners League gets a nice pingback! Meghan Gardner, who is a member of the Forbes Boston Business Council and who was featured in #14 The Introducer on Developing youth as global citizens was also featured in the Council’s news update. And, because she was – we got a little viz ping.



Converge2Xcellerate Conference – special discount code for The Frontrunners League Members!

Blockchain & Health, event produced by member and health publisher, Tory Cenaj




The Frontrunners Development, Inc. & Publisher of The Introducer Magazine is partnering with Tory Cenaj, CEO of Partners in Digital Health on the 3rd Annual Converge2Xcellerate Conference to be held October 15, 2019 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Partners in Digital Healthpublishes the ATA-endorsed Blockchain in Healthcare Today and Telehealth and Medicine Today.

As Mary explains, “blockchain has been a reappearing topic in several impact spaces we’ve explored in The Introducer over the last couple of years.  In fact, Tory Cenaj was featured in the 11th edition that spotlighted Women Leaders in Blockchain.  We’ve seen an emergence of blockchain as a point of conversation with innovators working in healthcare, and we know that will grow.  So, we’re excited to assist in this event that will educate, inspire, and provide a think-tank environment for exploring best practices.”

For more information about Converge2Xcelerate, visit  https://conv2x-2019.eventcreate.com/

When you’re booking your spot, please take advantage of this special discount code is: INTRODUCER

With this code, you’ll save 8% on taxes and fees until August 23.  Take advantage of this saving by being an early bird!


Chance Glenn’s 3D PRINTING rocket launched via NASA!

Chance Glenn (#3 The Introducer) is the Founder behind Electronic Alchemy. Electronic Alchemy is designed the eForge 3D printer.

Living, Working and Learning Inc (LLP), The League’s business partner, picks up the story:

“We were at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center to deliver the eForge, which NASA has supported the development of with STTR Phase I, Phase II, and SBIR Phase III contracts. We printed important sensors, electronic devices and replacement parts.

We’re excited to share with you the first photos of the first complete prototype of the eForge version 1.0, which will be our first commercially-available model.”

You can READ the full article here and WATCH the YouTube video here.

And there’s more news from Chance.  A magic metal box that in ‘tech speak’ is known as a ‘material separator’.  Accordin gto Electronic Alchemy, this cool bit of kit  is ‘the first prototype of a material separator which can break down electronics into their components and turn them back into filament material for printing!’.  

More on the metal separator story here.

Impact Experience is Living Up to It’s Name!

Jenna Nicholas (#8 The Introducer – Smart Cities & Sustainable Development), Founder and CEO of Impact Experience, has had a busy few months with her team.  At the beginning of July, Impact Experience launched a webinar series. This is an exciting opportunity for the team to share some background on the inspiration behind their work, their Impact Experience model as well as highlighting the work of their incredible partners.

At the most recent Impact Experience Bootcamp in mid August, the participants – mid to late career individuals -were introduced by the Impact Experience team to the core principles around impact investing, implicit bias and community engagement.

If you’d like to find out more about Jenna’s work at Impact Experience, please drop a note to Mary (mary@marykurek.com) or Annie (annie@frontrunnersleague.com).


PlatForum is All About Purposeful Connections…Not Just Job Posts or Resumes. 

Brandon Schielack, League Member and Co-Founder of Platforum, is addressing the issue of employment in rural US.  PlatForum is now starting to scale with their initatives gaining increasing traction.

The Internship Programe is one of their upcoming projects.  PlatForum is launching its Internship Program, matching students of all ages to work opportunities that fit both their hard and soft skills.  This “try before you commit” scenario will help employers secure employees whom they’ve had time to get to know and build a relationship with, thus saving expensive mistakes with failed hires.







They recently ran a successful 2019 Rural Entrepreneurship Program.  The products and services during this are now for sale in their online store.  Get inspired and help our next generation of leaders bring their ideas to life!  You can visit the online marketplace here.

If you’d like to connect with Brandon and contribute to PlatForum’s work, please drop a note to Mary (mary@marykurek.com) or Annie (annie@frontrunnersleague.com).


The Latest on AI Wearables

Robert Branch, Frontrunners League Advisory Board Member (#2 The Introducer), is excited to announce that he’s working with the medical team at GoX Labs.  

Robert explains: “The GoX Ergo for Worker Wellness is an AI wearable.  It’s the only sensor kit on the market that can measure form, fatigue, force, and rate of perceived exertion (rpe) from the user and even cognitive performance.  We’re focused on prediction, prevention and self efficacy.”

You can read more about this update on Robert’s LinkedIn post here.  Robert’s keen to get word out about this great news, so please amplify his post by sharing it within your own networks and social media channels.


Keep on sending us your updates and networking interests.  You can contact Mary (mary@marykurek.com) and Annie (annie@frontrunnersleague.com).  Also, feel free to share any comments on the blog in the space below.