Update April 2020: Collaborating with IBM’s Watson Health on Pandemic Blockchain Solutions

FRONTRUNNERS INNOVATE & IBM’s WATSON HEALTH will collaborate on the May edition of the magazine.  Focus:  Blockchain and the Pandemic:  Solving The Problems That Are Slowing The Way Back.  The May edition will feature interviews with IBM’s Watson Health Team who have been working on a supply chain project that eliminates vendor vetting issues and facilitates organizations, hospitals, and municipalities toward acquiring pandemic supplies more efficiently. This solves the sourcing, trust, and timing issues that have plagued the process to the point that it literally bottlenecks sources and stalls supplies.  Visit the IBM site to learn more about the Rapid Supplier Connect project (and if you are a vendor or supplier, you can register through that link).  

Thermal Cameras to detect elevated temperatures in people who are entering a facility

The current edition of FRONTRUNNERS INNOVATE focuses on the connecting points between the coronavirus and the environment and was released on Earth Day 2020, April 22.  There are many diverse connecting points – some we wouldn’t even think of, like how access to the environment is so important for people with mental illness, and or how the innovative use of robots to disinfect homes, hospitals, and airports using environmentally-friendly compounds is making a difference.  We’ve included some fascinating innovations and thought-provoking commentary (ie: like the fact that the season of natural disasters is imminent and could prompt serious issues relative to national funding and also mass-sheltering while we are just getting through the pandemic.)  Visit Frontrunners Innovate for more information and to check in with innovators whom you might want to meet.

Member News:

Marc Jarrett is a disruptive game-changing virtual power networker who teaches others how to network virtually using the latest tools and methodologies available on the market today.  He offers a one hour Power Hour to share his proven techniques to help grow your network.  Alternatively, his services can be retained for ongoing training and support together with access to his extensive global network of contacts with whom he facilitates introductions see: http://www.virtualpowernetworking.com/  

We appreciate Marc’s helping us to start the Frontrunners Whatsapp Group and also that he’s introduced us to a fabulous new meeting platform that we’ll be using next week called Remo.  Contact us if you’d like to get into the Whatsapp Group.

From Tory Cenaj:  New BHTY BLOG – Be the FIRST!  Blockchain in Healthcare Today peer-review journal invites you to be first to comment, discuss and debate any aspect of healthcare around the world with the BHTY FIRST BLOG.  Launching May 2020 – submit today!  Upload your blog on the journal portal at  https://lnkd.in/dpRQZYw

Topic of your choice – No fees – 1-2 pages or 1000 words – Healthcare Focus – Managing editor determines topical interest and relevance to the BHTY audience.  Caveats? No rants or adverts.  With over 140+ citations and read in over 70+ countries, Blockchain in Healthcare Today is the world’s first open access international peer review journal exclusively dedicated to blockchain health technology innovation. For more information please visit https://lnkd.in/dNtAXA9

From Stephen Clarke:  I wanted to share with you a new program we’re launching next month called the DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY CHALLENGE http://www.dmachallenge.com/apply-dmac. We’ll be feeding children in both Canada & the USA and it’s a competition among Marketing Agencies to see who can feed the most with over $500,000 being given away including $100,000 to the Agency that feeds the most.

I would really appreciate it if you can spread the word because the more Agencies we have included the more meals we’ll be able to secure and deliver to those in need!!!


Dean Stott’s book, “Relentless”

We are hosting a courtesy virtual meet-up with the amazing and “RelentlessDean Stott on Wed., 4/29/20 at noon eastern.  Registration details here. This will be wonderful for groups who need that kick-up in their mental resilience and want to know how to view challenges in a new way.  Also, you’ll experience a new meeting platform that most of you haven’t experienced before.  You’ll need to register on Remo before the event, adding your photo and Linkedin profile if you have one (you’ll find details when you register and then we’ll send them out again a day before the event).  You’ll arrive in the Remo room virtually sitting at a table with 3 others.  You’ll be able to move from table to table as you see people you’d want to connect with and Dean will do the same, so you’ll likely get a chance to talk to him yourself.  This will be as close to real as you’ll get.  Hope to see you there.

Aneesa Muthana shares info on this event:  The industry disruption caused by COVID-19 is starkly pointing out that the gap is growing between organizations leading the charge with digital transformation and those who approach it more reactively and slowly.

MxD is joined by ARC Advisory Group’s Vice President of Consulting, Mike Guilfoyle, and Pioneer Service Inc.’s very own President & CEO, Aneesa Muthana, to discuss the need for digital transformation across the manufacturing sector #IoT #IIoT

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