UPDATE: 9-15-2018 Business and Grant Opportunities Happening

Many of you know that I was in the midst of Hurricane Florence the last few days.  Thank you for your kind words and thoughts/prayers.  We’re in first day 9-15-2018 of seeing what damage has been done and start to assess the challenges needed to get life back to normal:  power, food, gas for cars and generators, chainsaws, stable cell service, and helping our neighbors who are in need.  I’m blessed to have been staying with my brother and his wife over the last few days, and will need to for probably another day or two longer, as the bridge to the island where my home is will be closed until then.  While I’m in this odd limbo before I have to kick into post-hurricane gear, I wanted to go ahead and get this update on the portal.  Here you go:

Congrats to Antwain Thomas for his company, Global Wealth Strategies, getting a recommendation to be featured in a luxury publication.  https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6446073872218415104

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM ANTWAIN (KEY FOR ANY OF YOU WHO SUPPORT VETERANS PROGRAMS WORLDWIDE):  “I was recently selected to serve on the board of the World Veterans Federation’s “Standing Committee of the Americas” as the Treasurer for the United States by the Chairman of the Americas (Canada, United States, and Mexico), Saif Khan, which empowers me to create new pathways of funding for the organization, ensuring we support all our veteran organization members, as well as meet our mission in supporting our 45 million veterans worldwide.  The World Veteran Federation (WVF) is the world’s largest international (non-profit, non-governmental) veteran organization. Established in Paris, France in 1950 by founding members from 8 countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Turkey, USA, and Yugoslavia), the WVF consists of 172 veterans organizations from 121 countries representing some 45 million veterans worldwide. The WVF maintains it consultative status with the United Nations since 1951, and was conferred the title of “Peace Messenger” in 1987. AMVETS is one of several veteran organizations within the United States that are members of the WVF.”

Most recent issue of The Introducer was released last week on Innovations in Education.  That issue featured some amazing game changers (many of who will become League members) and features with a former US Governor and Mexico’s Deputy Minister of Education.  So much work to be done for Mexico to reform education.  There are tons of networking opps in this issue.  I’ve mentioned a few in the magazine and will post more on my blog at https://www.marykurek.com/media  – If you missed that issue of the magazine, it’s here:  http://joom.ag/EYcY

Echoing Green is accepting apps for their Winter Cohort of Direct Impact (through November 1, 2018). https://www.echoinggreen.org/direct-impact

You can apply for Fast Company’s 2019 Most Innovative Companies here:  https://www.fastcompany.com/apply/most-innovative-companies?utm_source=newsletters&utm_medium=FCnews&utm_campaign=970×250&utm_content=V2NB

Opp from the Chan Zuckerberg Science Initiative:  Request for Applications. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative invites applications for five-year grants to support Imaging Scientists employed in imaging centers at non-profit universities or university-affiliated research institutes within the United States. Please read our Medium blog to learn how this RFA aims to improve imaging technology.  Link to the site for more info on the application: https://www.chanzuckerberg.com/science/rfa/imaging-scientists?mc_cid=37b487e301&mc_eid=41229fb811

From one of our “Avengers”:  “Last 2 years, I have involved completely with 3D technology for healthcare applications with one and a half year of full time job and 6 months of freelance consulting and teaching on the same.  I can work with any 3D Printing companies who are involved in Medical and Dental application with its research and development along with business development like Stratasys, 3D systems, Formlabs, or EnvisionTec. I can involve with any 3D software companies like Materialise or Simpleware who are working on digital workflow and virtual surgical planning. On the other hand, I can also work in Dental clinic for managing the administration and efficiently running the complete workflow or in any Dental lab to involve in the digital workflow process.  Adding to all the above, I can involve myself in teaching and training along with any product development in Medical and Dental industry.” This Avenger is looking for work/visa sponsorship to move from India. Please email me mary@marykurek.com if you’d like to connect with him.

Avenger, Stephen Clarke is looking to meet socially-conscious business owners, companies interested in attracting & retaining Millennials, individuals interested in Impact Investing, Millennials interested in creating a better world, and companies focused on improving culture.  If you have some contacts for him, find him on the roster and connect or email me mary@marykurek.com   Stephen has a program that helps feed those who need by allowing you to purchase the food through them and then it is distributed through a legitimate source.  Works with corporations and professional associations.

This past week, one of our Avengers had an exploratory call with our partners at Living, Learning, and Working regarding a work opp with a project we mentioned in the last update – African Unity – Region 6 – Canada.  And, another Avenger had a chat with the same partner about possible collaborations and connections to help expand her telemedicine program.

Sent the resume of a someone who responded to a Linkedin post to fill a bilingual position for one of our partner’s client projects.

NOTE:  Some of you don’t have links or updated links to your web sites on Linkedin.  Please check and correct, please. It definitely helps when we’re making introductions.