UPDATE: 8-26-18 Know a Greater-Good Millionaire or a University Innovation Lab?

Here’s this week’s update:

  • Great exploratory convo with League member Steven Reid out of Glasgow re:  his interest in diabetes innovations and moving his work in that direction.  He’s now connected to a member of Living Learning and Working’s consortium for some contacts in the UK to get him situated with right types.
  • Making some connections on behalf of the League with universities to start a partnership program with university-based innovation labs.  The idea:  exposure for the students with League members who have expertise in areas that could boost their work.  Also, we’ll give some space in The Introducer magazine to students who are “ones to watch.”  If you have contacts that fit this partnership project, share with me, please.
  • If you know of any smart and well-experienced programmers in major metropolitan areas around the US and Canada, please send them to the League.  There will be needs coming soon with a client of the Living Learning and Working consortium.  They should have updated CVs and be available this fall.  More specifics coming as we have them.
  • I’m looking for a few good millionaires!  I know how that sounds, but, actually, this is a legit request for Americans who are or whose business is worth 10 mil + and who could be interested in adding a few tax-free mil to their estate and do some good for a charity at the same time.  Happy to connect those interested with the proper source for more details.
  • Introduced member, Trey Holder, to a new member of my network this week who is doing biz dev for a company getting ready to put up interactive kiosks in malls across the US – starting with NYC this fall.  Brands interested in sponsoring is what he’s looking for and Trey has his hands on an entire network of brand marketing directors.  Bingo!
  • Member, Anthony Jackson, is looking for buyers/sellers of rough diamonds.  Here’s the link:  https://www.oig247.com/OIGSP101.html#section6    Anthony is also pushing the removal of plastics from the ocean.  If you have information on such efforts where he can get it out to his vast network, share with him.  His email address is included in that link I just gave you.  Tell him I sent you.
  • Our contact with Living Learning and Working and a League member in his own right, Robert Branch, is presenting at this workshop to be held February 2019 in BC — follow link to learn more:  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ai-machine-learning-healthcare-from-hype-impact-mei-chen-ph-d-/

Share your own news if you like in the comment section.  Let’s grow the League.  We’d love to see some more technical innovators.