Update 8-19-18: New Tech Positions Coming-League Members First

Hello Leaguers:  Here’s your updates and member news for this week:

  • Congrats to League member Todd Gray and the entire autonomous_ID crew on their new board member announcement.  Welcome aboard Daniel Tu.  Announcement here.
  • JoAnn Castillo should be heading to India soon to spread her telemedicine program to the neediest areas.  Just days ago, JoAnn’s own home area of Manilla was hit with terrible floods.  She sent video to us that was unbelievable.  Keep her and her family in your thoughts, please, and wish her well on her trip.  BTW, thanks to League member, George Navadel (diplomat serving in New Delhi) for offering to make an outstanding connection for her while she’s there.
  • Phil and Yin Johnson have developed a useful service for security-conscious companies.  From a recent email sent by Phil:
    “full UK Security Risk Management Report all available in detail at Clients request-each tailored for client’s needs and benefit.  Covers all aspects that are required by clients who are traveling to or thinking of traveling to the UK from a Risk Management point of view.”   These two are always looking out for us.  Not only that, they are so well connected in the social media space, you need to get to know them if you haven’t already.  Find them on the League roster.
  • Stephen Clarke and I will be chatting about “GIVING” his Corporate Program as a “benefit of being involved in the Frontrunners League….this provides significant value to these Members/Companies and more.”  Next week’s post will have details on this.
  • Welcome Antwain Thomas and Rob Brown to the League Advisory Board.  Check roster for details on them.  And, if you’ve not already seen it, we have a new media portal filled with photos, releases, videos and more on the League and its members. http://press.frontrunnersleague.com/
  • Our partner, Living Learning and Working is looking for towns with blighted communities and a population of veterans.  Inform me if you have any thoughts to share about such communities.
  • We’ll have a news release going out early this week sharing information about the launch of The League and inviting people who want to check us out for potentially joining us and also to connect if they have impact needs with which we can help.  Please share the word and the release when you see it.
  • Lastly, and, this is really exciting:  We’ve had news from our partners at Living Learning and Working that there should be some tech positions coming up to service a client of theirs soon.  Check back for details – will share when we have them.  They always look to the League first to fill opportunities.

Make it a great and impactful week.