[Update: 12-21-2018] Members’ and Advisory Board Updates and Happy New Year Opportunities


This is the last blog post for 2018 – and what an amazing year it’s been in terms of launching the Frontrunners League, its growth to 100+ members, and the way that it’s gathering momentum with more collaborations coming on stream every week.

I’d like to thank Mary for facilitating this [Annie’s penning this bit!], to thank all our members for your engagement and the Frontrunner’s League Advisory Board for helping set the League’s strategic direction.

Speaking of the League’s Advisory Board, it seems timely to introduce you to one of our Board members: Rob Brown.

Introducing Rob Brown

Rob is a real asset for the Frontrunners League’s Advisory Board, bringing with him a wealth of business experience from establishing the infrastructure for Venture Funded startup through to leading a company to become one of the leading gaming and assessment development companies.  His strengths are in operations, particularly with start-ups – a perfect fit for launching and scaling the League!

Rob’s experience across multiple industries works well with the League, whose members are drawn from many industries.  Although we’d love to keep Rob’s skills and talents all to ourselves here at the League (!), we’re equally pleased to be able shout about them – and to strongly recommend that you may wish to connect with him and take advantage of them too.

In Rob’s own words, he describes himself as:

“Strategic and analytic thinker with a proven track record in building companies and enhancing their business needs. Success both domestically and internationally. Collaborative approach to team building, especially during periods of rapid growth and change.  Highly focused with a consistent track record of successful operations implementations during tight timelines and budgets.”

With reference to his networking interests, Rob says: “I’m doing a lot of consulting specializing in Operations and Legal, but with an emphasis on Licensing in the areas of Sports Apparel and Technology”.

Please get in touch with Rob if you can help with his networking interests or you agree with us that he’d be an asset in accelerating your social impact.  You can contact him directly via the portal or please email Mary (mary@marykurek.com) or Annie (annie@frontrunnersleague.com).

January/February Issue of The Introducer Magazine

Women Leaders in Blockchain will be released about the second week in January.  Be on the lookout – you’ll want to know these powerful women in the world of fintech.  Featured blog photo is of gamechanger, Jane Thomason, Global Advisor on Digital Transformation.  We can thank gamechanger, Xiaochen Zhang, for his suggestion to do this issue.  Xiaochen will serve as guest editor.

ORIA: not your regular fashion brand

Marc Jarrett (The Introducer #3) is delighted to announce that he’s working with ORIA, a not-so-regular fashion brand, and certainly one that has plans to make big changes for good in the world.

ORIA stands for Oceans and Rivers Impact Alliance – and, it does indeed, stand firmly at the confluence of addressing environmental issues and fashion.

Here’s a flavor of some of the big issues that ORIA will be tackling as outlined by Ann Moore, Founder:

1)  Taking waste plastic and turning it into green energy.  This power would then be used to produce pure drinking water from the atmosphere; and

2)  A solution for microplastics– in particular, the subset of plastic microfibers that are being released into the water system when synthetic fabrics are washed.  Through ORIA’s work researching water filtration, they believe that it is possible to design a filter that will capture these fibres at washing machines.

To find out more and get invovled, please contact Marc directly or, alternatively, drop Mary (mary@marykurek.com) or Annie (annie@frontrunnersleague.com) a note.

Engaging with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

It makes absolute sense that social impact is pegged against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Marc Jarrett highlights how ORIA (mentioned above) is leveraging the SDG framework by addressing Clean Water & Sanitation (SDG 6) and Life Below Water (SDG 14).

There’s also an opportunity to get involved in a wider network for addressing all the SDGs and, even better, membership is FREE.  To find out more about the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, please click here.

Eco-minded and a TedX speaker all wrapped up into one…

Cameron Brown, featured in The Introducer #4, is an Ambassador for One Tree Planted, and originally told us that he wanted to connect with people in: “senior positions in sustainable development at the UN, World Forum, Greenpeace, Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, and any other plant-focused nonprofit.”

Since then, he’s been exceptionally busy.  These are some of his 2018 highlights:

  • Delivering the closing talk at Italy’s largest TEDx event,
  • Becoming a National Geographic Explorer,
  • Delivering multi-sensory keynotes with a grand piano on stage in multiple countries,
  • Private coaching clients getting extraordinary results,
  • And getting in the best shape of his life…

Strictly Come Dancing

For those of you who know the UK well, then you may have heard of the smash hit TV show – Strictly Come Dancing, based on celebrities (not professional dancers) buddying up with a professional ballroom dancer.  The pairs then compete against one another over a period of weeks…

League Member, Jamie Baulch (The Introducer #1) has been working with some of the Strictly Come Dancing dancers at The Ivy in London which is a sign of how well his work is going.  He also casually mentions that he’ll be working with Geraint Thomas – none other than the winner of the Tour De France cycling 2018.

Jamie is familiar with the limelight himself, having been three times Olympic medallist.  He’s now making excellent use of his celebrity contacts to serve his clients across the media, commercial and celebrity industry with a portfolio of businesses, including Bid-in – the home of silent auctions that help charity fundraisers.

Tech/HealthTech Opportunities Coming Soon

Via our Frontrunners League partners (Living Learning & Working), we anticipate technical support opportunities in Texas, Canada, and Maryland.  If you know technical talent in these areas, let us know.  If you have a healthtech innovation with benefits aimed at the Asian market, we want to hear from you.  And, if your health innovation has gone to market, please share.  Multiple opportunities abound in the coming year.

Season’s Greetings

Mary, Annie and the rest of the Frontrunners League team would like to take the opportunity to wish all our members a peaceful festive break…and we’ll look forward to reconnecting in 2019 with more social impact, game-changing news!

Please leave your comments in the space below…