[Update: 12-10-2018] A focus on young people and some health tech developments


There is definitely a young people’s theme running through this week’s round-up of League members’ news.  This includes how awe-inspiring they are (the young people, I mean – it’s a given that this already applies to our members!) and how to harnesss some of this energy and potential to co-create some amazing opportunities.

Two Sisters on a Mission

Sultan Akif  (The Introducer #9) is particularly proud of his daughters who’ve already proved themselves to be capable as social entrepreneurs.  Sultan’s helped his young daughters 7 and 9 on their entrepreneurial journey,  although, he’d tell you they have pretty much come up with this on their own. (Inspiration provided by Dad). They are on a 45-day tour, now.  The seed for their idea was planted when they met Jason, an indigenous artist whose creations bring the world alive.  The girls decided to launch a business that supports artists around the world, bringing the artists’ stories, struggles, message and dreams to life.  Check out their story here.


Preparing the next generation for life- and work-readiness…

Mary Kurek is excited to be working on the draft for an article for the US Chamber of Commerce on a youth development model for Chambers to produce. It hits workforce and life readiness.

She comments:  ‘I am the co-founder of such a model and am working to add components like an impact challenge for high school students that involve The Frontrunners League and possibly work with a corporation, like IBM to add STEM pieces. We want to eventually get this in front of the United Nations and move it beyond the US.’

Any ideas or contacts you have, please share with Mary directly (mary@marykurek.com).


…and The World Youth Forum 2018

Tim Fitzpatrick, League member, recently came away thoroughly inspired having attended The World Youth Forum (3-6 November 2018 in Egypt).

The World Youth Forum positions itself as a free platform bringing together youth from around the world together with the decision makers and different influential officials. The forum is a chance for young people to engage with top policy-makers in the region and network with promising youth in the region and the world that are determined to create change in the world we live in today.


League members are as busy as ever in the run-up to the festive season – hopefully they’ll be able to take a well-earnt rest too!

Business development is the name of the game

Tim Fitpatrick, CEO at Ikona – the home of visionary health care solutions – is pleased to share the news that IKONA’s now officially joined the MATTER community, a Chicago-based healthcare incubator that brings together health systems, industry executives, investors and entrepreneurs to collaborate and solve the most pressing issues in healthcare.  However, that’s not all – IKONA’s also been accepted to NVIDIA’s Inception Program, which nurtures start-ups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

Right now, Tim’s specific networking interests are:

  • looking to grow our team and seeking industry professionals with experience in enterprise software business development within the healthcare space.
  • folks with experience in healthcare administration.


Switchpoint Conference (April 25 & 26, 2019) – grab your tickets now for the 2019 event!

Nola Peterni (The Introducer #3) would love the Frontrunner League community to spread the word about Intrahealth‘s 2019 Switchpoint Conference.  The conference (and associated community) focuses on the intersection between humanitarian innovation, global development, health, design & technology.  You can catch the 2018 conference highlights here.

To register and buy tickets for Switchpoint 2019, please click here.


More collaboration between Living, Working, Learning and League members…

League Member, Brandon Schielack, is keen to explain how The PlatForum recently partnered with the Living, Working, Learning Consortium.

He says: ‘We are assisting in mobilizing underutilized resources and recently launched a new community helping connect donations with survivors of the Butte County Fires. The PlatForum is looking to connect with community leaders near disaster prone areas’.

Please get in touch with Brandon via the portal, or message Mary (mary@marykurek.com) or Annie (annie@frontrunnersleague.com).


Got a shiny idea to solve a problem in the health tech space?  You can make it happen!

Living, Working, Learning, The League’s strategic partner, have an incredible opportunity to shout about:

Now accepting prototypes in health tech.  If you’ve got a game changing idea, then they want you to contribute to this new initiative.

They advise: ‘Your input is advisably of scientific nature, let it be the gleaming prototype of a revolutionary medical device, a smart concept to modernize the medical system of a given country or region, or any other sparkling idea in the medical domain. Our goal is to improve access to healthcare services for millions of healthcare seekers in developing and emerging countries, willing to pay for medical services but unable to find Quality service locally.’

For more info and next steps, please check out this link.


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