[Update: 11-15-2018] Social impact from pre-schoolers to veterans!


#10 The Introducer – Veteran Advocates and Entrepreneurs

Globally, November is the month when many countries remember their soldiers – both those that fell in wars and also those who served and came home as veterans.   This edition of The Introducer showcases the social impact leaders who are empowering them to do this.

The breadth of the support offered – often by veterans from within the community themselves – is astonishing.  There’s veteran advocacy provided by Sherman Gillums, Jr, (Chief Strategy Officer for American Veterans) and developing a business mind- and skill-set which embraces their military background (Michele McManamon, Operation New Uniform).  We also hear the heartwarming stories from veterans like Chris Hrudka who’ve pivoted their lives and share their journeys.

Grab your copy here.  Do please share it too to get these great stories out to even more people!


Interactive tech inspiring creativity in pre-schoolers

Krister Gustafsson, League Member, is excited to announce that he’s co-founded a start-up, High Impact Learning Spaces (HILS), a tech company that designs classroom technologies that significantly increase children’s creativity. Their proven method, which incorporates an interactive playground called Magic Garden, is a world first with their designs facilitating those creative learning behaviors with accuracy. It helps children develop their talents to be ready for jobs of the future as innovators.

Krister would like to network with League Members who can help with the following:

He wishes to interview what he describes as ‘power networkers’. These are people who, for example, may run conferences or events for the childcare industry or an advisory body. He’s looking for contacts who are well placed to describe what they see is happening with regard to the latest developments of creative preschooling being done with digital tech (and the sector’s reactions to these big changes in the childcare industry). He would also like introductions to senior staff or executives at other large and medium-sized childcare centers/networks.

Krister is working to a tight time frame with this, so would be grateful for all League members who are able to leverage their networks to assist.

FFI: Magic Garden


Get your brand noticed online with JJ Associates International

Yin and Phil Johnson, League Members, have a special offer running that’s just for YOU!  You can find out more here with this infographic.  They’re very active on social media and will amplify your message to reach your audience.  Get in touch with them for a chat to discuss your needs.  Contact them on +44 7767 221287 – this number works with mobile, WhatsApp and Telegram.


Fascinated by FemTech in the health space? 

Dr. Janani Param reached out with a great offer for League members fascinated by Femtech in the health sector.  If you’re in London on Nov 22, then this one’s definitely for you!  Dr. Param has a discount code for you which you can use if you’re like to attend The GIANT Health Event

Dr. Param is the Producer of the Women’s Health Technology ‘The Future is Femtech’ Track at The GIANT Health Event.   Email:



Here’s a round-up of the tip of the iceberg for how League member connections are producing BIG results…

***This is why we need you to keep us in the loop with your current networking needs, professional developments and how our input is helping fuel this.***


Dan Levitt’s TEDx talk…

A light-hearted talk about aging (50 shades of grey hair!) with a serious message by Dan Levitt, League Member: aging affects us all and we need to be talking about this…

Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/2qPBOEw.


Bain Capital Ventures raises $1 billion to invest in start-ups

Robert Branch shared this good news. You can read the full article here.


Medical facilities for sale

3 chain hospitals and medical colleges available for purchase in the Philippines–prime lots in the middle of Manilla. The Medical Center is being sold at 72M USD negotiable. The smaller one is being sold at 13M USD.  FFI: please contact Robert Branch (rbranchj@umail.iu.edu).


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