UPDATE 11-02-18: Disaster Readiness and Relief + Top Tips to Leverage The League to Grow Your Social Impact


The Introducer Special Edition (Fall 2018) – Disaster Readiness and Relief

Thanks to all the Frontrunner Members and other colleagues who’ve contributed to the recently released special edition of The Introducer: Disaster Readiness and Relief.  It’s been a real team effort to pull together this ground-breaking issue which has been gathering some awesome comments from Emergency Management and Disaster Response Professionals everywhere, like this one from a former Dir. for Incident Management Integration Policy, National Security Council, The White House… “Thanks, Mary! I sent this to my CTO a day ago and have been reading it. Great stuff!”

This is the link for it: http://joom.ag/Vzaa.

Discover some of the problems being solved through applying innovative resources that your fellow Frontrunner League members (and other colleagues) are showcasing:

  • The need for autonomous medical treatment and blood donation after disaster: set up, serve and depart.  JoAnn Castillo, League Member, and CEO and President of Powerfirm Ventures has the story here.
  • The loss of power for widespread areas for an extended period of time.  League member, Dr Khosrow ‘Nema’ Nematollahi, Chairman and CEO of ARP, explains exactly how they help solve this.  Read how here.
  • Underutilized talent and resources within a community which can be mobilized and effectively targeted to make a difference.  Brandon Schielack, League member and Co-Founder/Strategic Partnerships at the PlatForum walks us through how they’re achieving this.  Learn more here.
  • Helping resolve emotional crisis that someone may be experiencing.  Bridget Edwards, Stress Consultant who works globally, digs deeper here into how her offering makes a tangible difference.
  • Too little time or a weak process for alerts/warnings for evacuations for a variety of disasters.  Mark Wolf, League Member, outlines the many moving parts that are co-ordinated to provide an effective solution, delivered by EMALTE (he’s the CEO and Principal Consultant).  Read the detail here.

The Frontrunners League has already shared it with the Directors in relief agencies in the US states worst hit by the hurricanes, plus the CEOs of global NGOs leading the way in disaster emergency and relief.  Please share it within your networks to amplify its impact even further.

Funding Opportunity – Robert Branch shares this link to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative – Request for Applications:  Seed Networks for the Human Cell Atlas.  Follow this link for more details: http://bit.ly/2Ov1TSw [UNIQID]  Deadline coming up Nov. 13 – so act fast, if interested in applying.

WhatsApp Chat Pod – Marc Jarrett is delighted to announce that he’s now an admin for WhatsApp Chat Pod, hailed as ‘a coffee shop for thought leaders and facilitators’.

Marc extends this invitation to all Frontrunner League members: “Please come along join the fun from time to time. Who knows what it could lead to?”.   It currently has c200+ participants – and looks set to grow.

Here’s the invite link: http://bit.ly/2PITTlx, please let Marc (via the portal), Mary or I know if you join; we’ll then share your LinkedIn Profile with Marc, so that he can introduce you to the group.



Top tips to grow your social impact through The Frontrunners League

We’re very keen to ensure that you leverage as much value as you can from everything that the Frontrunners League offers. To do this, there are a few ingredients we need in the mix to maximise the benefits for you.

Through ongoing conversations with her network and beyond, Mary’s discussing an ever-evolving stream of possibilities.

Current ones include:

  • investment opportunities,
  • in-roads into specific areas in Africa,
  • health tech innovations in the Asia-Pacific,
  • insure tech (tech in insurance!).

The special issue of The Introducer focusing on disaster readiness and relief, has also expanded Mary’s network to include many contacts working in the emergency services arena, including colleagues in the United Nations and US-based aid people.

However, in order that these can be dovetailed with you, our members, we need you to share the following:

  • Keeping us up-to-date with where you’re headed in your business lives and what impact projects you’re working on right now and/or are coming up on the horizon.
  • Your success stories with one another or in other areas.  Success builds upon success – we can use these stories to create more opportunities for you.
  • We’d like to encourage you to be talking to one another and, if you need or would like an introduction to anyone, please ask us for it. We’re always on the lookout for you, but us being up to speed on what you’re working on is vital.
  • PLUS – what are your suggestions for how we can do things even better in 2019?

In Mary’s words: ‘Keeping yourselves in the “front row” helps us to clearly see opportunities‘.

Please send your updates, requests and suggestions as often as you wish through to Mary (mary@marykurek.com) or Annie (annie@frontrunnersleague.com).




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