UPDATE 10-7-2018: Hurricane Aftermath Solutions Needed + New MedTech Fund Starting

Dear League members:  I have been in the unusual and unexpected situation of witnessing the inside of impact.  Post-Hurricane Florence, I’ve found myself supporting Red Cross staff in the long-term shelter the county has set up to house those who are left without a home.  They, a few belongings, and a pet, if they have one, are entering week 4 sleeping on an army cot alongside people they don’t know…some of whom came from homelessness before the hurricane.  That particular population, as we are finding, don’t adhere well to rules since they’ve not done so in a long time.  They are quick to start fights and continue illegal habits, all while enjoying air conditioning, cable TV, and 3 meals a day at the expense of volunteers and donations that come through the Red Cross and the community.  The population that shows up with their mental and emotional disabilities we find also don’t mix well with other segments, and the same for elderly and medically fragile…and the challenges mount the longer they are sheltered.  But, Florence left little for people to inhabit in her wake.  There are no apartments (whole apartment buildings have been condemned) and hotels have few rooms that weren’t damaged…and those are occupied by disaster recovery teams.  The problems are many — the solutions are few.  If you are a League Member with creative solutions to housing and other such issues, feel free to share with me.

So, here are a few notes on cool things happening with League Members:

Atif Zafar shares this:  “We are starting a new MedTech venture fund in Indiana called the HOT Fund. Our website is at http://www.healthcareoftomorrow.com. I will be on the executive board.”

From Robert Branch and our partners at Living, Learning & Working:  LLW is happy to announce that we have partnered with The Huntsville VA Clinic. They will hold an open house style Veteran Services Fair October 19th beginning at 10 a.m. The “Fellowship and Care Fair” will be free and open to all Veterans and Clinic staff.  We will have caregivers and representatives from approximately a dozen services available to answer questions about VA programs and initiatives like suicide prevention, women’s health and provide free services such as Flu shots. This will be a great opportunity for Veterans and their family members to see what services the Huntsville VA Clinic provides, while also allowing Veterans and VA staff to talk with each other outside of a clinical setting. The Huntsville VA Clinic is located at 500 Markaview Rd NW, Huntsville, AL. 35805. We will have some VR demonstrations, discussions revolving around telemedicine,  and other exciting exhibits of emerging technology produced by veteran-owned startups will be featured. The Huntsville VA Clinic serves as a helping hand and offers support for the growing veteran population in the Tennessee Valley.  Please disseminate

From Kenneth Goodwin:  Jeanensis Capital Markets is grateful for being designated a Delegation Leader of Asian Financial Forum 2019 (AFF) for our strategic partner Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Join Great Minds. Make your voice in Global Finance on Jan 14-15th, 2019 in Hong Kong, China. Register today with Jeanensis Exclusive Discount Code: “OKD414” for a 40% off the ticket price: https://lnkd.in/dQf_F-D “We believe nurturing robust partner relationships are vital in the FinTech world.”-Jeanensis Capital Markets Anthony Mak, Curtis Louie hashtagJeanensis hashtagHKTDC hashtagAFF hashtagChina hashtagFinTech 

Thanks to Patricia Monthe for her assistance in helping Mei Chen to get her new AI chatbot some virtual viz at a special conference.  If you missed seeing Mei’s chatbot demo – here it is:  https://youtu.be/MYwMRAhEJkU  Pretty amazing.

From Brandon Schielack:  We will be needing volunteers, vendors and mentors for a variety of projects to make this an absolute success for our community and the future of rural communities.  Find out how you can help support rural entrepreneurs at www.coworkfayettecounty.com 

Marc Jarrett recently shared this with me:  www.cicerotransact.com  It’s like Linkedin with a transaction component.  I’m checking it out.  You might, as well.

[Update] Say ‘hello’ to the Shruder Machine: More good news on this plastic-neutral project.  Mark Wolf wanted to share the following progress report with League Members:

“We have on board:

– Coca Cola (we are featured on their website)
– World Wildlife Foundation
– Earthwatch
– United Nations
– Reefcheck

We also have a new YouTube Channel

We are meeting with Earthwatch International in Boston to discuss how we can move forward in the USA and other Countries.

The primary objective is to transform plastic waste into usable products and so we welcome those who share this vision and wish to join with us.”

There’s lots brewing with our partners at Living, Learning, & Working right now.  Some opps coming this way.  Feel free to share with others to join the League.  Post any other news in comments that you like.

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