Here’s your update for this week:

  • Request from an app-developer looking for a CTO.  One of our League Members serves on their board of directors.  Email me for more details.
  • Special edition of The Introducer Magazine on Disaster Readiness and Relief due to be released end of October.  If you or someone you know fits with a program, product, service – even if it’s still in the works, get in touch immediately.  Deadline is 10/25 5pm eastern.  I’ve had several staff members from the US State Dept. viewing my posts about this issue and I’ve interviewed FEMA’s Chief Innovation Advisor on tech innovations coming.
  • If you are doing business in Africa and have great contacts there in the healthcare space, let me know.  I’m connecting now with service providers who are looking to expand their work into that region and could be open to collaboration.
  • Thank you Brandon Schielack for sharing your PlatForum demo with me this week and walking it through with Dr. Overton from Living, Learning, & Working.  I see possibilities for a possible grant opportunity.  Let’s keep working at it.
  • Great conference call this week between League Member, Darryl Hughes and Elizabeth Benson, whose expertise in working with veterans and mental health is providing valuable support to Darryl’s game to help veterans suffering from PTSD and other

    Far left is a member of the VA in Huntsville Alabama. The other three are members of the LLW consortium, from left to right: Sylvester Bradley, Michael Poindexter, and Dr. Phineas Overton

    mental health issues.

  • Congrats to League Member, JoAnn Castillo, CEO of Powerfirm, for her contract with Red Cross Philippines.
  • Congrats to our partners at Living, Learning, & Working LLW on a job well done at the special Veterans Resource event held in Alabama this month.  EconoTeque (an LLW-company headquartered in Canada) debuted their bamboo bike there to a very proud LLW team.  Considering LLW was founded by two veterans, this is quite a proud moment.  You can read more about EconoTeque’s “green transportation” offerings here:  https://www.econotequecanada.com/green-transportation

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