[Update: 03-14-2019] The Introducer #12 – The Real Value of Health Tech

The latest issue of The Introducer is more than the launch of the most recent edition of the leading social connections magazine in the social impact space; it also heralds the soft launch of a new website: The Introducer Magazine (the magazine had previously been situated within a publication platform).  However, as both The Introducer and The Frontrunners League’s respective roles continue to grow, we felt that The Introducer merited its own website.  The new format is more user-friendly and searchable via key words – take a look at it here and let us know what you think!

#12 The Real Value of Health Tech

The 12th edition of The Introducer, The Real Value of Health Tech (search for #health #tech to bring up all the related content for this issue) delves into the added value of health tech.

We all believe that health tech is a game changer in progressing health care for both the health care professionals and patients.  However, there is a gap between leveraging the possibilities that health tech presents and ensuring that this connects with the clinicians and practitioners in health and that the patients can then reap the resulting benefits.

This is where this edition of The Introducer steps in.  It showcases the game changers who are harnessing the health tech and joining all the dots between the different stakeholders.

Below are a couple of snippets explaining how these amazing people are doing this (we’re proud to call them Frontrunner League members too).


Introducing new Frontrunners League Member…Dr. Kim Webber

Dr. Kim Webber is utterly motivated by her strong conviction that digital health is a tool to revolutionize the way health care is delivered and that the patients will be the beneficiaries.  She has demonstrated the value of this approach multiple times through her work with rural communities in Australia.  By definition, people living in these communities are geographically isolated and there are logistical issues in ensuring that they can access the services when they most need them.

Looking ahead she says that she has the vision to upskill health organizations on digital health technologies and help them support and create new models of digital-enabled health care.  She aims to embed and normalize digital health in the health sector.

These are Dr. Webber’s networking interests:

Networking interests:

  • Health policy makers and strategists who want to support health reforms with digital health tools
  • Health strategy leads looking to develop a digital health strategy
  • Executives of health organizations seeking to transition to a digital future

You can read the full article about Dr. Webber by following this link.

If you’ve been inspired by Dr. Webber’s work and would like to start a conversation with her based on her networking interests outlined above, then please get in touch with Mary (mary@marykurek.com) or Annie (annie@frontrunnersleague.com).



Introducing new Frontrunners League Member…Rakshit Mehta

Rakshit is an entrepreneur with a twist: he describes himself as a ‘technopreneur’.  This is exactly what it says on the label – he focuses his entrepreneurial flair specifically in tech with outstanding results.  However, his experience and expertise are broad ranging and, in one word, breathtaking.  He has over 18 years’ experience working with developed and developing ecosystems spanning sectors like IoT, wireless charging, med tech, health and life sciences, digital currencies-blockchain, renewable energy, water, and ad tech.

To find out what drives Rakshit (Chairman and MD of Euro Alliance), his networking interests and how you could link up with him, take a look at his featured article here.


Stakeholder Series: The Value of Health Tech – Q & A With…Cris De Luca

Cris De Luca was named a 40 under 40 Healthcare Innovator by the Boston Business Journal and Medtech Boston.  He is a seasoned entrepreneur/intrapreneur who is driven to improve human health through technology and innovation.  He is currently the Global Director of Digital Innovation for Johnson & Johnson Innovation based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He’s tasked with translating Digital and Data-driven external innovation opportunities throughout J&J’s Innovation CentersJLABS incubators, and JJDC corp ventures across the Pharma, Consumer, and Medical Device businesses.

Mary had the opportunity to engage Cris in a Q and A session which led to a fascinating exchange, packed with industry and knowledge insights.

Here’s just one response:

Q: Johnson and Johnson commits its resources on innovations in healthcare. What’s their policy or priority where it concerns innovations?

A: Johnson & Johnson Innovation was launched over 5 years ago with the goal of bringing our partnering capabilities to the communities where the innovation was happening. We launched four Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers in the life sciences hotspots of Boston, California, London, and Shanghai with a remit to focus on sourcing collaborations with regional entrepreneurs at startup companies, universities, and institutes who are developing early-stage innovations. Each Innovation Center houses science and technology experts and has full and broad deal-making capabilities to ensure we’re capturing the best external innovation across our strategic areas of focus in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Consumer.

We’d strongly recommend that you read the interview in full as the takeaways are relevant to health tech globally.  Here’s the link.


In next week’s blog…

In next week’s blog, we’ll be focusing on young people and how the League can support them to become tomorrow’s game changers or help supercharge their existing efforts.  Stay tuned!


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