[Update: 02-21-2019] Advisory Board Member Spotlight, the value of healthtech and increasing your brand’s awareness

Spotlight on Wendy Steele, Frontrunners League Advisory Board Member

Continuing on our theme of introducing the Frontrunners League’s Advisory Board Members, this week is the turn of Wendy Steele (#6 The Introducer) to step into the spotlight…

Impact 100

Wendy originally featured in the Women’s Empowerment issue of The Introducer.  This is very fitting in her role as both Founder and CEO of Impact 100 Global Advisory Council, a philanthropic model which empowers 100+ women from all walks of life, united by a common goal of doing good in their local community, to donate USD $1000 each to a pot that local charities can then apply to for the whole amount.

However, it is much more than just a ‘giving model’.  It effectively grows and strengthens communities, creating networks between the local women and the communities that they serve.  This then leads to many other spin-off effects with some women gaining more skills and confidence, perhaps by being involved in running their Impact 100 chapter or by volunteering with some of the charities who applied for grant funding.  All the donors are upskilled so that they can assess the applications and use their vote to choose which charity will receive the grant from all those submitted.

By the end of 2018, there were 50+ Impact 100 Chapters – mostly in the US, a few in Australia – and, collectively, they’d given away in excess of USD $65+ million.

Joining The League’s Advisory Board

Wendy’s motivation to become an Advisory Board member stemmed from her belief that we all need to expand our networks, the need to help one another and show each other the way.  She says:

‘I was impressed with Mary and her work and was excited to see where the Frontrunners League would go. It’s such a privilege to be a part of a group like this; I couldn’t imagine not doing it.’

Networking Interests

  • If you’d like to set-up your own Impact 100 Chapter – and this can be anywhere in the world – please get in touch with Wendy via Mary or Annie.
  • CRM – Wendy would love to hear from you if you could help Impact 100 with a free CRM solution.  This system is needed to support Impact 100’s infrastructure – both at the Global Advisory Council (customizable to meet their needs) and out in the field for each Chapter (easy to access and use for volunteers who may have varying levels of tech skills).


Keeping our Members’ data safe

A big thank you to all our Members who’ve completed the very short form to acknowledge that you’re aware of how we look after your data (and giving us permission to do so).  If you’ve still to do this, then please complete the form by following the link here.


The Introducer

The next edition of The Introducer (#12) will be the first site-based edition and the theme is The Value of #Healthtech – some awesome resources and game changers in the line-up already. If you have a healthtech related product, service, or event and are looking a vehicle for promo, please get in touch with Mary.


Get your brand noticed online with JJ Associates International

Yin and Phil Johnson, League Members, have a special offer running that’s just for YOU!  You can find out more here with this infographic.  They’re very active on social media and will amplify your message to reach your audience.  Get in touch with them for a chat to discuss your needs.  Contact them on +44 7767 221287 – this number works with mobile, WhatsApp and Telegram.


Brexit Beater!

Marc Jarrett (The Introducer #3), Managing Director of Emjay Consultancy Ltd, is keen to offer his services to any SMEs currently in the UK wishing to keep a toehold in the EU, particularly in the light of Brexit looming on the horizon (and no clear picture of exactly what this will look like).  Marc, fluent in German, can support these companies to establish a subsidiary in Germany (known as a GMBH).  He can navigate all the bureaucracy and also offers business support services.  It’s well worth a timely conversation with Marc if any of our League members know of SMEs who may be grappling with this issue right now.  Please contact Mary or Annie if you’d like to know more.


Keep on sending us your updates and networking interests.  You can contact Mary (mary@marykurek.com) and Annie (annie@frontrunnersleague.com).  Also, feel free to share any comments on the blog in the space below.