[Update 01-09-2019] How you end a year (and start a new one): Partnerships, Money and Disruptive innovations.



So much of what happens within the League is because of our special partnership with Living Learning and Working, Inc. (the global social impact consortium with whom we work to create great connections).

Let us share how this works: Frontrunners League members who have solution-oriented products/services in social impact spaces, like healthcare/telemedicine, education, disaster mitigation/recovery, wearable tech for wellness, water purification, energy, ocean cleanup, human trafficking, economic development, veterans homelessness, and the like, share with us (Mary or Annie) their work and what/who they need to expand reach. From there, it’s a matter of determining if there are resources that can be connected within LLW.

Our LLW partner in business development, Robert Branch, discusses with Mary “deals in progress” several times every day. It’s our job to bring the parties together through an introduction, and then, facilitate and nurture that connection to a result. When we believe that there is a League member whom we feel we can bring to meaningful introduction(s), they may be offered a contract with LLW that allows for all parties to win. It’s happened 3 x already within about 3-4 months with League members and another possibility in the works.

Mary’s blogged more about The League’s monumental achievements this past year here.

This is the tangible evidence for why we place SO much emphasis on keeping in touch with you, our League members, in terms of your social impact updates, plus your specific ‘asks’ and networking requirements.  This information is the ‘life force’ that enables us to facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations, ensuring that you can make real progress in the areas that you need to focus on.


Switchpoint Conference (April 25 & 26, 2019) – grab your tickets now for the 2019 event!

Having reflected on the success of The League in 2018, it seems perfect timing to mention the Switchpoint conference again at this point as, according to Mary, this is where she had the ‘eureka moment’ which led directly to working with a Board Member to format The League and develop the partnership with LLW!  Mary vividly recalls one session at the 2018 conference which focused on ‘speed mentoring’ – and gave her face time in ten-minute blocks with some awe-inspiring people – including some game changers featured in the magazine (now League members) like Nola Peterni (The Introducer #3).  Since Nola is a planner for this conference, she would love the League community to spread the word about Intrahealth‘s 2019 Switchpoint Conference.  The conference (and associated community) focuses on the intersection between humanitarian innovation, global development, health, design & technology.  You can catch the 2018 conference highlights here.

To register and buy tickets for Switchpoint 2019, please click here.

Special Note from Mary:  Government Shut Down Stemming Innovators’ Growth:  We’ve been hearing from some of you, especially ones that depend on government certifications and other resources that aren’t available right now, due to the stoppage.  If that’s the case for you, feel free to share your story with Annie (via the contact link bottom of page) and we’ll compile this information.  I’m happy to help the League share their voice with Congressional “ears” concerning this issue. 

League Members Updates & Networking Interests

We’re now making this section the mainstay of The League’s blog posts, as we know that this connection, updates, and networking interests are what spark the creative juices and appetite for collaboration.

Read on for this week’s collection of social impact game changers…

The Successful Woman: Lifestyle, Legacy and Leading by Example

This course hosted by League Member, Monique Y Wells (#6 The Introducer – Women’s Empowerment), will have wide appeal for many of the accomplished women League Members; most definitely worth a look.

Timed to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, it’s taking place March 7-8 in Paris, France.  It’s an exclusive professional development opportunity for senior women leaders in all sectors of the global economy for powerful, intimate sessions to explore:

– How you view yourself / others view you as a leader
– How your current lifestyle compares to your ideal lifestyle
– How you view the (personal, financial, and philanthropic) legacy you are building.

Interested?  Follow this link for more info and to book your spot.


Telehealth scales in the Philippines

We’re delighted to announce another successful collaboration between The League and Living, Working and Learning Inc.  This one’s a partnership between JoAnn C (#3 The Introducer) and her business, Powerfirm Ventures International which is affiliated to the International Red Cross.

Living, Working and Learning Inc. picks up the story:

‘Happy to announce our partners PowefirmVenture and their AI Telemedicine Solution are now part of the PhilippineRedCrossMassBlood Donation efforts. Kudos to our helicopter and ambulance crew members for your hard work!’

Check out this link to see the announcement in full.


Moving #healthcare mountains

Patricia Monthe (#7 The Introducer – Global Health), Founder & CEO of MedX Care, are most definitely delivering on their motto right now of being ‘The Highway to The Best/Innovative healthcare resources for Universal health coverage’.  This year they’ll be attending the World Economic Forum as a partner of the UHC2030 initiative of the World Health Organization.

UHC2030 provides a multi-stakeholder platform to promote collaborative working in countries and globally on health systems strengthening. It advocates increased political commitment to universal health coverage (UHC) and facilitates accountability and knowledge sharing.

You can discover more here.


Two Sisters on a Mission: What Happened Next

Sultan Atif (#9 The Introducer – Education) shared news that his daughters, Fatima and Amna, have now signed up their second artist to their social enterprise, Two Sisters on a Mission.  They were bowled over when they met Daviel, whose daily reality is selling his art on the street.  Daviel is multi-talented, being an accomplished pianist too.  Read more on this inspiring story here.

Sultan’s also got some wisdom for all game-changers which I’m sure will resonate with many of you.  Can you break free from your ‘invisible shackles’?  A thought-provoking read to help set your intentions for the year ahead.  You can find it here.


New Year wishes and a personal message from Rafael J Grossman

Rafael J Grossman (#7 The Introducer – Global Health) took some time out from being on call on Jan 1 in chilly Maine to wish everyone a good start to the New Year…and to remind people that health care is just that – care of the patient and their health is the absolute starting point and the focus of everyone’s efforts – the same level of care that you’d give to anyone that you’d love.  You can listen to it here.



Antoinette Miller, part of Living, Learning and Working Inc (The League’s business partner) and an expert in developing interactive tech training sessions, has a special offer which she’d love League Members to be able to take advantage of – and she needs some input from you too!   She’s hosting one free training session per month.

Her question to League Members is: ‘How can I help you succeed?  What would you like to learn more about this year? Hardware, data security, exam prep, job prep?’

Drop Antoinette a note to let her know your thoughts.  Here’s her post on LinkedIn.



Keep on sending us your updates and networking interests.  You can contact Mary (mary@marykurek.com) and Annie (annie@frontrunnersleague.com).  Also, feel free to share any comments on the blog in the space below.