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The Introducer Magazine Launches

Unique digital magazine focuses on global game changers who are disrupting social impact spaces and creating solutions to world problems.

The goal: instigate and promote networking by sharing who the game changers need to meet.

Year 1 - content viewed by people in 136 countries

Hundreds of connections made


The Frontrunners League is formed

A curated collective of game changers featured in The Introducer plus other innovators whose work changes lives.

Goal: put action to what the magazine started by making introductions that develop business opportunities within the membership.

Results: projects that are aimed at reforming healthcare and education for entire countries, clinical trials set, awards won, contracts secured, and more.



Partnership with Living, Learning & Working, Inc (LLW)



A business partnership was formed with Living Learning & Working, Inc. (LLW) that allows us to conduct business development activities within the League.  Members have acquired contracts, board positions, publicity opps, and more.




Frontrunners Youth League Launched

This youth program, based on an acclaimed model, utilizes the innovative talents of League members and trains youth in critical thinking skills, problem solving, social enterprise and networking.

A partnership was formed with the Sub Saharan Open University in Nigeria to produce a pilot program called World Hope Youth Mentors.  This pilot was a direct result from an edition of the magazine on youth development.  The program included 23 mentees from 7 countries and mentors from 12. The program is advancing under the management of the Univeristy.

Another partnership with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network created an open door for exchange of introductions and content.