Imagine the world’s smartest impact innovators together in one place, available to help solve your toughest impact challenges.  If you are looking for solutions, you’ve arrived at the perfect place.

The Frontrunners League is a curated global collective of some of the most forward-thinking innovators, technologists, designers, scientists, medical experts, and government/nonprofit leaders, brought together as resource partners on specific innovation challenges relating to the following areas:
  • healthcare
  • wellness
  • economic uplift
  • climate
  • agriculture
  • education
  • security
  • technology

During the 2020 pandemic, Morningbird Media turned their attention toward designing a 3d printed ventilator.

Collectively, we work with foundations, governments, municipalities, and corporations, to solve a myriad of challenges that require extraordinary talent and design…
Sometimes we have a solution already in the works, like when a Nigerian partner was talking about lack of power. (Solution:  mobile power grid that’s set up as an economic benefit).  Sometimes, we have to source for the right skills or networks, like when the pandemic of 2020 called for access to a supply source that could quickly and efficiently scale.  (Solution: a global business leader with a medical innovation hub in India who could serve as a vendor with manufacturer decision-making power.) Or, when we realized there was a lack of entrepreneurship mentoring for leaders of youth programs in marginalized countries.  (Solution:  develop the World Hope Youth Mentors program – pilot it for a few months with 40 participants and bring it into a university in Africa to continue growing with multi-country partnerships.)

Our members are experts who have created apps for COVID emergency response for municipalities, wearables for workplace safety and prediction of A1c levels for diabetics, life-saving stem cell therapies, medical and wellness chatbots, 24/7 telehealth that expands health beyond usual hours in prisons, and disinfection robots to avoid human involvement in potentially infectious environments.  They’re inventing sensors that can be applied through insulin that will self-adjust levels and they are creating V.R. health education programs to train staff in clinics and nursing homes.  They’re 3d printing ventilators, upscaling privacy platforms, innovating auto-handling of clinical trials, and so much more.

Our members serve and operate on the board-of-directors or at Chief Architect level at highly reputable companies and universities.

Dr. Joe Hitt, is CEO of Go X Labs, is also co-founder of the Wearables Robotics Assoc.

We have technology experts from backgrounds in A.I., A.R., V.R., Robotics, ICOs and Fintech, Blockchain, Sustainable Housing, Power Systems, Healthtech, Research, Education, Microbiology, Climate, Aging, Insuretech, Agtech, and more.

How can we help you

The greatest value of The Frontrunners League is how we can bring together our network to tackle the types of problems others may not have seen. The challenge of inventing a new solution to a complex socio-economic problem for your region, and the joy of seeing the impact from it, is what drives us.

We are passionate about improving the quality of healthcare and have many solutions within our network for different challenges…in fact, so many that it would be wise just to share your need and let us tell you what we have.

Shan Sankaran, CEO of Nix Whistle, provides a platform that safe “whistleblowing” and moved his platform into tele-wellness in 2020.

How it works

1- Contact us with your specific types of needs, challenges, or interests.  Email our Communications Director, Annie Moon at
2- We will set up a preliminary call with one of our lead facilitators to start our relationship and gather more intelligence about your challenge.
3- If we have a ready solution, we’ll negotiate from that point.  If we need to source or start a solution from scratch, we then put together a team from our expert pool that can help tackle that challenge and work out a project timeline with you for execution.
4- Throughout the project, you have access to our broader expert pool in case additional expertise or advice is needed.
We look forward to working with you and changing what needs to be changed.