Step 1:  Get Visible!

If you’ve been working hard on your solution, you may not have been aware of your visibility.  Innovations that solve global problems need global eyeballs on what they are doing because that’s where impact happens.  It’s the reason why we start our business development activities with an interview; an opportunity to get to know you and your “why.”

 When we know you, we can do a better job of representing you to others…because, as business developers, we need a bunch of tools to help us help you.  We begin with your spotlight in Frontrunners Innovate, the first global business networking magazine aimed at impact.

Your spotlight…

will include a short video interview that will become a Youtube video embedded into text content that will include your short bio, a few lines about your innovation, links to your website, the link to your League listing, and anything else that we feel is relevant.  The spotlight will include your color headshot and another color photo of or about your innovation.  We like impact figures and evidence and/or marketing intelligence about what you’re doing, so know that we may ask about that, any partners you want to mention, and your target market.  We always like to know where you are headed with what you are doing and who you need to meet to help you get there.

Promotion for the magazine…

happens on all of our social channels, to our subscribers, League members, and other platforms – roughly 20-25k  We also expect all those we feature to share their spotlight pages and videos with all of their networks.  We suggest that you make sure your website(s) and your Linkedin profile be updated, as readers will check you out once we start promotion.

Regarding our promo of individual spotlights on some of the innovators above:  just the Linkedin post we did on Sachin Gupta amassed over 3,300 views within 2 weeks and Shanmugavel Sankaran’s Linkedin posting has received 1,198 views inside the same timeframe. Analytics revealed views from Microsoft and Amazon for both.

Remember, while this is publicity…we think of it as a marketing tool.  We intend to use it as such and want you to do the same.  Use the link to your spotlight on your website, in your newsletters, in your e-signatures, your Linkedin, and other social profiles.  You might find it useful to link in a pitch deck.  Get creative.

Editions of Frontrunners Innovate include some interviews with investors and funding providers; that’s important for you to know.  We publish new editions monthly, but, your spotlight and any related content is archived on our site and easily found.  (Sample investor interview below)

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