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(Photo above: Health and wellness don’t get a lot more personal than toileting. Jane of Sanivation, Kenya, helps to demonstrate their toilet program. Innovation looks different depending on what lens you use.)

You’ve likely landed on this page because you were invited to be spotlighted in the Frontrunners Innovate magazine which includes membership into The Frontrunner’s League, and, most importantly, opportunities for business growth.  If you’re on this page without an invitation from the League team, contact us to share a bit about your innovation work and that you’re interested in membership.

Once you receive your invitation, you can register and pay using the button below. You will gain access to set up your directory/catalog entry. Afterward, we will send you an email to set up your interview and secure the information that will go with your spotlight.  Check your benefits/features on this page to see what’s next.

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Quick List of Your Bennies

(Along with your Spotlight in Frontunners Innovate that will include a video interview)

  • Directory Listing/Innovations Catalog Entry on the League site
  • Facilitated introductions to other League members and partners for collaborations, board appointments, business resources, etc.
  • Opportunity to share your updates/announcements/book launches, etc. in monthly member news also shared in a blog on the League site
  • Receive by monthly email opportunities like challenge/accelerator/funding announcements, resources that will help automate business processes, and member requests.
  • In the queue:
    -Frontrunners Bookstore to promote member books
    -Webinars/Events to include you as a panel guest, host/facilitator, or attendee
  • Opportunity for a business development contract with our partners, Living Learning & Working, Inc. (LLW), when we see a business opportunity.  Example:

    During a call with a member who sits on various healthtech boards, we learned that he was working on a project that needed a manufacturer that could do 3d printing.  Within an hour, we had him on a call with a company that has a manufacturing plant in another country, and they not only could manufacture using 3d printing, but could also market and distribute from there.  LLW contract opportunity.

What you should do now

  1. COMMS:

    Make a standing appointment with me in your calendar for once every 6 months to reach out and send an update on your happenings.  No kidding.  It’s like food to stock our kitchen.  We’re constantly stirring up opportunities.  The best way to reap rewards is to keep us fresh with intel.  Add us to your media list for announcements or newsletters so we can see what you are doing.  Request a phone call if you have something significant to share.


    Set up your profile on this site.  (Access happens at the point of registration.)  Takes just a few minutes.  And, honestly, you want to do that, because our staff and partners use the directory when we are looking for particular types for business development opportunities.  Additionally, it’s one more free platform to share your info.  The social links you add allow a person to share your “viz.”  And, we do that, also, in cycles.  Nice bennie. (Note:  if you’d rather our staff do this for you, contact us to ask for this service.  Click here for example.


    Spread your spotlight link around Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, wherever you have other viz.  Use your link to your spotlight in your e-signature, Linkedin Summary, include it in your newsletter, on your web site, and use the logo to the right signifying your League status. 

Good things to know


    Most of our business development work in connecting people to opportunities happens INSIDE THE LEAGUE.  This is a good reason for you to pay attention #2 above.  During the course of conversations we are holding nonstop, we often see an opportunity with another member.  When we do, the member that could benefit financially from a facilitated introduction (and subsequent calls facilitated by us), will be offered a business development contract from Living Learning and Working, Inc. (LLW) — our partnering organization.  That contract includes a commission due to LLW upon transaction success.


    Let’s say you were looking for a perfect board member.  Call us.  Looking for a particular consultant, tech resource, or trial partner?  Call us.  Reasonable fee assessed…or, maybe not, if you are consistently good at spreading viz for the League and the magazine.

During a call with a member, he mentioned that he’d be interested in a board position with the right startup.  Knowing of a startup in his industry who was looking for ties to the organization the member had recently chaired, we made the connection.  During the introductory phone call, the opportunity to serve was extended.  Position secured.

Remember, if we’ve not already connected, please contact us with information about your work.

Register and pay

for membership to the Frontrunners League

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