Get informed!

According to Thomas Jefferson, “knowledge is power.”  We agree.  We want you to know…

  • when Galen Growth is holding one of its famous HealthTech Summits or innovation challenges
  • when Euro Alliance SA is looking for innovators ready for a manufacturing and marketing package in India
  • when GIOSTAR is starting their clinical trials with stem cell therapy for COVID19 patients and is looking for trial partners in the US
  • that Tory Cenaj is looking for white papers that can be reviewed for publication in her popular online journals – Blockchain in Healthcare Today and Telehealth and Medicine Today
  • that the American Diabetes Association invests in young scientists/researchers who are innovating solutions to the disease
  • about free short webinars through Y Combinator Startup School that is loaded with great resources no matter what your status
  • about a new Whatsapp group for the League and facilitated by a member that literally garnered a sponsorship for someone within the first couple of weeks.

Marc Jarrett, Professional Networker/WhatsApp Group Leader

We want to hear from you

on things like…

  • TEDx speeches, conference or webinar events, and book launches
  • publicity links, new Youtubes, accelerator appointments, and partnership announcements
  • awards, FDA approvals, major contracts, and new projects
  • requests for resources, survey participants, collaborators, and advisory board members
  • and whatever else you want to share with the members

Monthly email

We send out a monthly email to members with the link to our “Updates Blog” that’s found on this site under “News” Check out a sample here.  You’ll be able to access this posting without having to log in.  We stay in touch and want you to, as well.