Welcome to the Media Page:  here you will find League and League member publicity.


Jan. 2020  Morningbird Media and Euro Alliance SA Announce Partnership 

Oct.2019  Announcement of World Hope Youth Mentors Pilot on UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Site

April 2019 Fast Co. Announcement of Morningbird Media’s Winning a World-Changing Ideas 2019 Award


Some Member Projects:

Dr. Chance Glenn, CEO of Morningstar Media (3d printing innovations) (US)

Jake Harriman of NURU International – Fighting terrorism by working on
sustainable economic development in the most susceptible places (Africa)

Portable Water Filtration System (video shot in Ghana) Member: Mark Wolf

AI Voice Chatbots by Mei Chen, Cogilex (Canada)

Mark Wolf’s Company Emalte installs flood prevention systems. His “smart
tunnel” has saved Kuala Lumpur from flooding. (Australia)