Mary Kurek, Pres. & CEO, Frontrunners Development, Inc. and Founder/Publisher of The Introducer Magazine and The Frontrunners League

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The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation is a curated network for the most talented disruptors in the social impact innovation space to come together to collaborate, secure funding and resources that get you closer to market or expand your rapidly growing innovation.  We work together with the global social impact consortium, Living, Learning, and Working, Inc. (LLW) for the purposes of helping LLW to meet their client’s business and impact needs. Similarly, the League also responds to NGO, government, and social impact innovator requests for execution of impact projects. The League was launched by Mary Kurek Impact Connections in the Spring of 2018. In 2019, Mary Kurek Impact Connections was changed to Frontrunners Development, Inc. The founding members of the League are global game changers that were featured in the founder’s social-impact focused magazine, The Introducer.


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*The League produces a monthly news blog that shares updates on member products, challenges and funding opportunities, collaboration “asks,” and events.

Mary Kurek’s background includes 13 years of making professional introductions in business and social enterprise. She is an author, speaker, and business facilitator. She has worked on the media staff for a North Carolina governor, programmed professional appointments for visiting international dignitaries to Research Triangle Park through the US Information Agency, and served as the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce next to the world’s largest Marine Corps Air Station. She has co-founded 2 area youth leadership programs and co-founded 2 nonprofit boards (one relating to youth and the other relating to older adults). And, she developed the first mental health caregivers support group for aging in her county, securing the local hospital as a partner. Mary on Linkedin

Frontrunners League Team & Advisory Board with Linkedin Profiles:

Annie Moon, Communications Director

Robert Branch, Advisory Board (Living Learning & Working, Inc. Partner)

Rob Brown, Advisory Board

Wendy Steele, Advisory Board

Antwain Thomas, Advisory Board

Karen Keeley, Advisory Board

Osita Aniemeka, Advisory Board

Alana Stott, Advisory Board

Marley Dozier (Advisory Board, Youth Impact)

Ava Wettrick (Advisory Board, Youth Impact)

Temidayo Oniosun, (Advisory Board, Youth Impact)

Brandon Schielack, (Advisory Board, Youth Impact)

Sharzad Modeli, (Advisory Board, Youth Impact)

Some Member Projects:

Dr. Chance Glenn, CEO of Morningstar Media (3d printing innovations) (US)

Jake Harriman of NURU International – Fighting terrorism by working on
sustainable economic development in the most susceptible places (Africa)

Portable Water Filtration System (video shot in Ghana) Member: Mark Wolf

AI Voice Chatbots by Mei Chen, Cogilex (Canada)

Mark Wolf’s Company Emalte installs flood prevention systems. His “smart
tunnel” has saved Kuala Lumpur from flooding. (Australia)