League Update March 2020: Lead Story is League as Pandemic Supply Facilitators


What interesting times we are living through, my friends.  Who knew that we (Frontrunners League) would find ourselves in the position of working to facilitate the movement of masks, ventilators, telemedicine services, and more during the coronavirus pandemic.  But, as we all know, we, as leaders and problem-solvers in impact work, are uniquely positioned to be in this role.

As of this writing, we’ve been hearing from municipalities in hard-hit areas of the US requesting help with supplies. We’re doing what we can, but it is no small task.  Thanks to those who have been working with us to get these critical needs met. If you know of a contact with supplies or a significant need, please let us know. mary@marykurek.com

From member, Stephen Clarke:  He’s provided this link for you.  He reviews daily to stay informed on the virus:  https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?fbclid=IwAR1YwKG_shAHf9nGuhBUYXp0i6-O5D6964-TmYPmOL2jFx_YoTTGd5Tyz_o


Dr. Osita Aniemeka, Founder, Sub Saharan Open University

By now, you know that The Introducer has been renamed Frontrunners Innovate, in keeping with the Frontrunners League theme.  The latest edition was released Thursday, 3/26/20 and focuses on a Self-Sustaining Continent:  African Innovations for Development.  Co-produced by Dr. Osita Aniemeka of the Sub Saharan Open University in Nigeria, this edition is fat with info on programs that touch almost every major challenge, including the current pandemic.  We have experts, leaders, diplomats, a royal or two, and several amazingly talented and dedicated nonprofit founders solving some almost insurmountable problems.  Check it out here: https://www.frontrunnersinnovate.com/.  If you or anyone you know conducts marketing, sales, or business development that relates to Africa in any way – we’ll put together a posting for release during the week of 3/30/20 with the opportunities we see for business, collaborations, partnerships, etc.  That posting will be sent out to the subscriber list, so if you aren’t on that list, you can sign up on the homepage of the magazine.

Note:  what’s particularly special in this edition is that we have 2 World Hope Youth Mentors participants who shared their story and impact with us.


CALL TO ACTION:  Please send information by email to Mary, as we are starting to put together a special edition of Frontrunners Innovate that would feature those of you who are creating impact or have revamped your products/services to serve this more urgent need.  mary@marykurek.com


Remo Meeting Platform:  https://remo.co/   Our Frontrunners Room is here:  https://live.remo.co/e/frontrunners-leag  So, check it out when you can-will likely need to register yourself on Remo first.  This is an amazing resource for anyone who holds meetings with groups, especially with break-out groups or committees or want to hold a large group meeting.  Set up just like a room with tables. Thanks to member, Marc Jarrett, who brought this to our attention. Further down on this page, you’ll notice we are hosting a special event in our Remo room in April.

Y Combinator Startup Schoolhttps://www.startupschool.org/  Free education tools/information/networking with other startups.  Y Combinator is likely the best accelerator program out there.  It’s located in Silicon Valley.  They also have funds for which you can apply.


Bridget Edwards can assist people who are perhaps stressed, anxious, and/or have fears or phobias about the coronavirus – she will offer 2-hour online counseling sessions via Skype (rate is US$125 payable via PayPal).  By using Skype, she can work with anyone, regardless of their geographical location. Reach out to Mary if you’d like to be connected.

From Kenneth Goodwin:

“My firm Jeanensis is directly impacted since we advise US firms seeking to expand to Asia markets via our strategic partners Japan Exchange Trade Organization (JETRO) and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).  As you could imagine, all deal transactions are postponed or terminated.

From a capital raising perspective, we are finding investors from those areas are less likely to invest in mid-market firms here in the US.  As such, our raising efforts for our 144 Trailblazer Fund and the well-received (2nd Year) Globally Local FinTech, AI, and Digital Transformation symposium has been postponed.

We are having a need for supply chain re-assessment and third-party vendor re-assignments and, as such, Jeanensis is seeking strategic partners in advisory and application deployment for cybersecurity and supply chain management.  Jeanensis continues to be: Global Partners with Global Impact and Results.”


Dean Stott:  Author & Speaker, World Champion Cyclist, Former UK Special Forces, and current Security Expert

Dean will be holding a virtual presentation on his book, “Relentless” that debuted Fall 2019.  Dean’s background is extraordinary — from extracting dignitaries in danger from embassies to cycling the Pan Am highway across 14 countries raising almost $1 mil for his buddy, Prince Harry’s mental health nonprofit. Dean’s remarkable journey inspires and changes our internal conversation from “I can’t” to “I must.”  You’ll never think about a challenge the same way again. How timely for so many during this pandemic. Here are the details for this free event held in the new virtual meeting space Remo:

Event: Dean Stott on Building Your Own Relentless Pursuit

Date:  Wed., April 29, 2020

Time: 12:00 pm eastern

You can purchase the book here.

FREE – Register at Eventbrite on Link below:

Dean Stott Event Registration Link

League Members:  if you have news to share, send an email to mary@marykurek.com