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How valuable would it be to you to have not only your business searchable but your innovation searchable?  What do we mean by that?  Here we go…

So, if we were looking for “wearables,” we’d likely come up with the Samsung watch by our member, GoX Labs that can predict conditions for wellness and safety.  Easy search.

GoX Labs Innovative Wearable for Workplace Safety and also reinvented for use with Diabetics (A1C prediction capabilities)

We think people would also like to search through our innovations for AI-AR-VR, doctor-invented, disaster-emergency, veteran-impact, robotics, privacy-security, and more. And, why not?  Anything we can do to make it easier for people to access the exact solution they need means that we are not only helping you to do business, but we are also creating impact.

Innovations catalog

Our catalog lives on this site.  Your entry isn’t just another social profile that lays dormant; it is a working business development tool.  You can access members by category of what area of impact they serve.  So can anyone else, including our own business development team who accesses the catalog regularly to source for connections as we gain intelligence on new prospects and opportunities. Your entry is basically an advertisement and includes whatever information you’d like to load on (like a youtube video and your site and social links.)  This is a self-administered process available to you with your registration as a League member, but, if you prefer to have the staff load your listing for you, a fee may apply.  Contact to inquire about this service.

Now, let us show you how this “viz” can work for you.

Here’s a simple listing:

Actual link here.

Frontrunners League Directory Listing

Here’s how she gets found by Google:

Google search for Frontrunners League Member

Specific search terms:

Here’s how our business development team found her when looking for post-hurricane solutions to promote by searching the “disaster” category in our catalog.  Actual link here.

Frontrunners League Directory search for “Disaster” innovator



We’ve helped Rebecca secure 3 orders from an aging nonprofit since hurricanes hit the southeastern US and have introduced her to a member in the Philippines to discuss the inclusion of her “ShowerToGo” product in a disaster readiness kit.  What would really make her standout would be to add a youtube and some photos of her product.

For the few minutes that it takes to load in a listing, the pay off for doing so is worthwhile.

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