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The Frontrunners Youth Impact League is…

is the youth network that is “sistered” to

The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation and our partners,

Living Learning & Working, Inc.

Produced by Frontrunners Development, Inc. (Advancing global innovators)  


Problem:  Youth, on a broader global scale are not learning the critical social skills necessary to advance in education, find meaningful work, and develop leadership abilities.  Businesses hold the keys to the workforce and “citizen” readiness from every aspect — technical skills through real-life experiences in entrepreneurial settings — team and employee development — networking — confidence building, and good community stewardship.  Wrap into this that few educational institutions put a spotlight on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that point “good community stewardship” toward “good global stewardship.”  Not enough business organizations have that kind of relationship with youth, and one reason why is that there isn’t enough structure around how to do this.  We know how!

World Youth Forum, Malaysia

Although formal education is crucial for personal and professional development, children also develop many of the “soft skills” critical for future leadership outside of the classroom. Whether or not a child has access to a positive role-model at home, mentorship or counseling from a professional can offer a huge confidence boost and help that child acquire skills that will help them succeed in his or her own career. Businesses recognize that the children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow and want to do their part to make those future leaders as prepared as possible.”   US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

FYL Advisory Board Member, Marley Dozier, receiving a scholarship toward her Johns Hopkins Leadership camp opportunity.  The scholarship opportunity was made possible through The Frontrunners League.

Solution:  Frontrunners Youth Impact League (FYL):  Youth development programming delivered virtually that allows participants access to innovation leaders around the world. Participants, through special programs, like World Hope Youth Mentors (WHY Mentors) (launched in 2019 by The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation (FRL) in collaboration with universities, institutions, and programs around the world, we will open the eyes of youth to different cultures, professions, problem-solving, and inspiration. 

The adult League (FRL) is comprised of world leaders in diverse social impact spaces that include awarded thought leaders, diplomats, innovators in healthtech, fintech, 3D printing, AI, VR, and innovation lab leaders.)  That League is the foundation for mentoring global youth in WHY Mentors.  Our youth version will mentor other youth in a “pay-it-forward” scenario.  They are a combination of youth recruited through being featured in the magazine and, as we graduate youth from WHY Mentors, those graduates will drop into FYL and continue building their networks, gaining virtual access to role models for career-path and entrepreneurship exploration, and information on youth leadership opportunities.  (United Nations SDG #4 is Quality Education — we believe what we are doing with FYL and WHY Mentors impacts that goal.)

Youth interested in becoming Frontrunners Youth Impact members should simply contact


Living Learning & Working, Inc., Central Bank of Nigeria – Entrepreneurship Development Center, United Nations SDG Solutions Network, Mocha 7, Experience Your Life Expo, PlatForum, Impactathon, and The Introducer Magazine.  


We welcome your interest, particularly in the WHY Mentors program.  We are looking for sponsors to help defray current & scalability costs relating to communications platform, SDGs, STEM training, and administrative costs.  If you have questions, wish to contribute in some way, or want to talk about sponsorship, contact