Frontrunners Youth League

The Frontrunners Youth Impact League is…

a program in collaboration with The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation and our partners,

Living Learning & Working, Inc.

Produced by Frontrunners Development, Inc. (Advancing global innovators)   Pilot 2019 – Official Launch 2020


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Problem:  Youth, on a broader global scale are not learning the critical social skills necessary to advance in education, find meaningful work, and develop leadership abilities.  Businesses hold the keys to the workforce and “citizen” readiness from every aspect — technical skills through real-life experiences in entrepreneurial settings — team and employee development — networking — confidence building, and good community stewardship.  Wrap into this that few educational institutions put a spotlight on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that point “good community stewardship” toward “good global stewardship.”  Not enough business organizations have that kind of relationship with youth, and one reason why is that there isn’t a structured program in place that allows for this type of involvement…until now.

Although formal education is crucial for personal and professional development, children also develop many of the “soft skills” critical for future leadership outside of the classroom. Whether or not a child has access to a positive role-model at home, mentorship or counseling from a professional can offer a huge confidence boost and help that child acquire skills that will help them succeed in his or her own career. Businesses recognize that the children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow and want to do their part to make those future leaders as prepared as possible.”   US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Solution:  Frontrunners Youth Impact League (FYL):  Youth development programming delivered virtually that allows participants access to innovation leaders around the world.  Partnering with Chambers of Commerce and local governments gives participants access to working on real-life community challenges. Participants will be mentored by The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation (world leaders in diverse social impact spaces that include awarded thought leaders, diplomats, innovators in healthtech, fintech, 3D printing, AI, VR, C-suite and innovation lab leaders.) Inspiration for this program comes from a youth leadership program proclaimed a model by a US Governor – operating successfully for over 23 years and co-founded by Mary Kurek (Founder/President of Frontrunners Development, Inc.)

FRYL Advisory Board Member, Marley Dozier receiving a scholarship toward her Johns Hopkins Leadership camp opportunity leaders and other youth leaders around the world for mentoring – information, inspiration, network building, and practical experience in solution development for social impact. 


  1. Train and Mentor 100 global youth on critical thinking skills, SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), and solution challenges.  Prepare them and point them toward more advanced leadership, mentorship, or internship opportunities
  2. Partner with Chambers of Commerce and local governments for solution challenges

*Depending on location, this program can be reconfigured to fit needs.  (A version of this program has been flex-fitted for an educational project in Ghana)


(15-21 Y/O) Must speak English and have access to a computer with connectivity

Cohort 1   50 participants.  Runs: Feb-April

Cohort 2   50 participants.  Runs:  June-August

Potential candidates for this program can be added to the launch notification list by sending an email with name, contact information, age, and country to


Living Learning & Working, Inc., United Nations SDG Network, Mocha 7, Experience Your Life Expo, US Chamber of Commerce, PlatForum, Impactathon, and The Introducer Magazine.  


  • $30,000 US sponsors both cohorts for a year and is considered the League Level Sponsor with benefits that include Frontrunners League membership for a year.  League membership means you are entered into a network of global leaders in social enterprise and corporate spaces that impact the health, education, and economic development of mankind.  This level of sponsorship will benefit from targeted introductions and business development through our partnerships.  To see what types of connections members have been experiencing, visit here.  League Level sponsor receives a feature article in The Introducer Magazine, plus continued promotion in each edition of the magazine plus The Frontrunners League site for the year.  All promotion of the youth league for the year will include League Level sponsor logo.
  • $15,000 US sponsors one cohort and is considered a Partner with benefits that include an article in The Introducer Magazine plus continued promotion in each edition for the year, as well as promotion on The Frontrunners League site.  All promotion of the youth league for the year will include the Partner’s logo.

We welcome your interest in this program.  If you have questions, wish to contribute in some way, or want to talk about sponsorship, contact


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