(Featured image above shows two League members we connected.  JoAnn (right) now serves as a Telehealth Ambassador representing The Philippines for Tory’s (left) publication and network that companions Telehealth and Medicine Today.)

Below are just some of what our members have been experiencing:   

  • Three business development contracts were issued from our partners, Living, Learning, & Working directly to Frontrunners League members during the first year of the League.  During the pandemic of 2020, a half dozen were issued.
  • A member with a health tech innovation was connected to 3 other members for clinical trials.  With our help, he won a major innovation lab award.

    GoX Labs Innovative Wearable for Workplace Safety was reinvented for use with Diabetics (A1C prediction capabilities)

  • Three days before Christmas 2019, two League members signed a contract that will advance manufacturing and marketing for a disruptive tech product that will impact several industries, health, included.
  • A brand new League member who had his eye on meeting another League member was introduced within days of the request and during the first phone call was offered a business contract.

    World Hope Youth Mentors

    Frontrunners League launched the World Hope Youth Mentors program as a pilot during the fall of 2019 with 47 participants from 12 countries.  Most of the mentees were program leaders (all Frontrunners League members) whose impact spans thousands in their respective countries.  All mentors were Frontrunners League members, as well.  The program is now under the umbrella of The Sub Saharan Open University.

  • A League member from Africa was reunited with someone we featured as a stakeholder in the Frontrunners Innovate magazine over a commonality in healthcare. The conversation turned up an opportunity to provide work on a healthcare project together that will breathe life into an empty clinical space in Africa.
  • A member with a disaster relief product received two orders of 100 units each with another order pending and an introduction to a disaster relief organization in another country working to put together relief kits for citizens in flood-prone areas.
    Dr. Jane Thomason

    Jane Thomason was featured in The Women Leaders in Blockchain edition of The Introducer Magazine, now entitled Frontrunners Innovate.  Members from that edition are now a separate group under The League – meeting regularly.  Jane met 2 of them in person during a trip to the US.

  • A member was awarded one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company Awards thanks to our assistance.
  • A member received an interview with a corporate pharma innovation lab based directly on information provided in The Real Value of Health Tech edition of Frontrunners Innovate
  • Connected two members from the same edition of Frontrunners Innovate on diabetes.  As a result, a former president of the American Diabetes Association now serves on the other member’s advisory board.
  • A 5 x TedX speaker and global ambassador for health technology who is a League member was introduced to another member who is an investor with several startups in the health space.  The TedX speaker now serves on one of the other’s advisory boards.
  • Introduced 3 League members to the owner/host of a compliance-oriented podcast with 40k listeners.  The 3 were invited to be interviewed.

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