Frontrunners League Members have been enjoying some pretty amazing business connections.  This is what we do best:  introduce, facilitate, and find/create opportunities that will help expand our members’ businesses.  Below are just some of what our members have been experiencing:   (Note:  Feature photo is of Quinton Scholes and Simon T. Bailey – both League members who were featured in The Introducer.  Quinton showed up at one of Simon’s speaking events while in the Research Triangle Park area of NC in 2017.)

  • Three contracts were issued from our partners, Living, Learning, & Working directly to Frontrunners League members during the first year of the League
  • A member with a healthtech innovation was connected to 3 other members for clinical trials and also with Fortune 500 companies and a major university for help with those trials
  • The League’s partners, Living, Learning, & Working, secured first steps toward launching its own tech education project in Ghana that will involve League members
  • Collaboratively, Living, Learning & Working and the League are working with a business liaison to promote products of League members on a targeted business trip to West Africa spring 2019
  • Tim Fitzpatrick Co-Founder & CEO of Ikona Health is “one to watch” in the Real Value of Health Tech Edition of The Introducer Magazine.  Tim has been introduced to an innovator in insure-tech and the founder of an aging platform for potential collaboration involving his VR education program.

    1 League member advanced his startup to game changer status and lands in The Real Value of Health Tech edition of The Introducer (spring 2019)

  • A League member connected us to an investment group interested in another country’s education system. We were able to connect that person to another League member who is a former leader of education in that country’s government (Featured in the Education edition of The Introducer).  They met the following week in person. Opportunity progressing.
  • The Frontrunners League prepares to launch a youth version called The Frontrunners Youth League and The Frontrunners Youth Refugee League (2019-2020)
  • One League member from Africa was reunited with someone we featured as a stakeholder in the magazine over a commonality in healthcare. The conversation turned up an opportunity to provide work on a healthcare project together that will breathe life into a now empty clinical space in Africa via introduction to the right government official.
  • A member with a disaster relief product received an order of 100 units as a result of her inclusion in The Disaster Readiness and Relief special edition of The Introducer. Likely to be another order forthcoming from that same customer.

    Jane Thomason was featured in The Women Leaders in Blockchain edition of The Introducer Magazine.  Game changers from that edition are now a separate group under The League – meeting regularly.  Jane met 2 of them in person during a trip to the US.

  • A member with a focus on blockchain applications in the Marine industry was connected with another who provided more contacts to further impact.
  • League members from The Women Leaders in Blockchain edition of The Introducer started self-organizing before the edition went live. We have been facilitating monthly calls between them with results including collaborations, invitations to provide content for books, the formation of a think tank, and sharing of conferences and speaking engagements for in-person meetups.
  • League member was connected with a platform that creates/manages clinical trials with targeted patient groups.
  • Two major pharma/wellness corps are being prepped for discussion with two League member innovators.
  • A member who is connected to IBM’s blockchain team and working on a distributed ledger project in education was connected to the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation regarding workforce preparedness efforts.
  • A member was connected with another member who agreed to help liaison contact with a US national healthcare association for partnership.
  • A member gets an interview with a corporate pharma innovation lab based directly on information provided in The Real Value of Health Tech edition of The Introducer

Interested in joining us? Your membership pulls you into a curated network of global innovators and leaders who serve as resources for business development activities between Frontrunners Development, Inc. and business partners at Living Learning and Working, Inc. (LLW)  LLW is a global consortium that executes social impact and development contracts for innovators.  Members enjoy visibility opportunities, information on tech and innovation award and or lab opportunities, and more.

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