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Sevaro Health is a teleneurology provider that was founded by vascular neurologists already serving as subject matter experts in the stroke arena as well as...

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My work and my company focus on the power of stories and how they can be used as an effective vehicle for training and education. ...

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There is a lot you may not know about Aaron.  Today, Aaron Smith enjoys active leadership of one of Virginia’s most visible and awarded STEM...

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The Trust Bridge™ offers organisations a unique combination of expertise and advice, plus practical solutions, and independently accredited training, to ensure our customers, clients and members,...

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vDOC: data security as a managed service In the Information Age, Data permeates the organisation like Oxygen and is as vital to its health and its future...

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Marissa Fayer is a 20-year medtech executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is the CEO and founder of non-profit HERHealthEQ and the president of advisory firm...

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#Foolproof your #Employee #SpeakUp with #Blockchain !

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Adewumi Mojisola


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Adewumi Mojisola is developing youth as global citizens.  She is Founder 21st Century Entrepreneur lnitiatives lnternational Award Winning Social Entrepreneur and Activist.

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Sharzad Modeli


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Sharzad Modeli Changes Corporate Mindsets on Millennials Around the Globe.  Sharzad is an entrepreneur, speaker, and impactful connector between changemakers and investors.  She has spoken to...

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Laurent Nicholas


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Laurent Nicolas is Co-founder & CEO of DIABNEXT, a disruptive and 2017 most awarded digital health solution for diabetic patients to manage their diabetes.

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