December 2020 Update: Frontrunners in Faith Announcement and Frontrunners Innovate Format Changes Coming

Hello all:  As the pandemic continues to rage in areas of the world, I’m hoping that this update finds all of you well and pressing forward in your work and in your personal life.

So, first up:

Frontrunners in Faith:  New Whatsapp Group

Frontrunners in Faith (FIF) is the name I’ve given to what I’m calling a movement that has emerged from the League.  Here’s the link to the story that caused me to start a Whatsapp group just to provide a space for the conversations I hope would turn into friendships and fellowship.

Here’s a short Youtube that explains a bit more.  If you’d like to join the group, send me (Mary) a message.

Frontrunners Innovate:  Magazine Changes

The last couple of months have brought about some paradigm shifts that have caused us to review how we are working between the League and the magazine.  After conversing with some experts, it looks like we may making some small changes moving forward.  Changes right now have to do with us creating landing page stories or themes as opposed to theming an entire edition of the magazine.  So many great resources and innovations are coming to our attention, I hate putting them off until the right magazine theme shows up.  In addition, we are looking at combining the magazine site and League sites at some point and making a more cohesive brand/experience.  A fattening up of content and resources is likely to follow.  Fun times ahead.  Stay tuned.

Frontrunners Institute:  Virtual Trainings & FDI Biz Dev Team Screenings

Frontrunners Institute is simply a title for virtual events that we will hold that will allow for specialized training and/or opportunities throughout the year.  We have some pretty incredible experts in the League, so we’ll draw from you all. There will be free and paid offerings – not limited to League members. Additionally, we are busting at the seams with business development activities within the League and new clients through our partnership with LLW, Inc.  I felt it might be useful to hold a mini-clinic to share business development tips/ideas and to open up opportunities for screening to work with our business development team. If you are a natural networker with a pretty diverse network, this could of interest. If you’d like to know more, let me (Mary) know.  You should have my email address.  If you know of someone who would be interested but isn’t a League member, have them reach out to me on Linkedin

Member Updates

Cover of Current Medicinal Chemistry – Vol. 27

Deven Patel, Co-Founder and CEO, GIOSTAR (Stem Cell Research & Tech)

Announcement from Deven Patel, of GIOSTAR

Scientific Journal Current Medicinal Chemistry dedicated its cover page to GIOSTAR.  “We just got the great news that the scientific journal Current Medicinal Chemistry dedicated its cover page to GIOSTAR. The photograph on the cover page above our logo is taken from our publication explaining liver cirrhosis, a related mechanism using stem cells.”


Note:  Deven is also a new member of the Frontrunners Development, Inc. Advisory Board.


Announcement from Penny Heyes of The Trust Bridge

The Arena for Data Protection Professionals (ADPP) announced today that they have launched a chapter of their peer to peer community in Brussels.  This timely launch of the new Belgian group will enable ADPP to be at the heart of any EU developments in the coming months.  

Nicole Reynolds, working with Brussels-based EU Strategy, a boutique EU affairs firm, will be running this new group together with the founders of ADPP.  As an Adviser to EU Strategy and through her collaboration with the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) and the DiploFoundation, an international NGO, Nicole is well placed to bring thought leadership to ADPP on issues in digital diplomacy, internet governance, and EU data regulations.  

ADPP aims to create a forum where data professionals can share best practices, knowledge, and thought leadership amongst their peers, share their thoughts, challenges, triumphs, and where they come to learn about the most important and up to date issues affecting their industry.  

Nicole said today: “I am delighted to team up with ADPP to bring clarity to data policy issues in the Brussels environment. Together, we aim to provide a neutral and inclusive space where all stakeholders can openly debate the issues and work together to find solutions” 

Penny Heyes, co-founder of ADPP stated: “We are delighted to be working with Nicole in Brussels. Her experience and connections will enable us to ensure that ADPP is at the forefront of any developments that affect us all in the world of data governance, and our members will be informed as things take shape.” 

 The full press release is available here:

Story from Pamela Bolado, Founder at Women Who Do Wonders International, Editor-in-Chief at Wellness & Wisdom Magazine, CEO at The Wellness & Wisdom Company 

Commenting on the Frontrunners League introduction to Alana Stott:  “I wanted to reach out and share some news. You were an angel that connected me to the most incredible woman. Alana and I connected over the summer so I could interview her for Wellness & Wisdom Magazine. We had a wonderful initial chat, that ended up going on longer than anticipated. We connected several times again thereafter. We soon realized that Alanas’ mom was a MacKay and my maiden name MacKay. I know I’m Scottish and have actually started diving deeper into my heritage. We soon realized we are very very similar. We both have a passion for helping women. Well, this has now blossomed into a partnership. Alana is my new partner as we bring Women Who Do Wonders to life. Thank you for this amazing introduction. It was meant to be that I reach out to you and you sent me to her.”

Namara Lwansa

From Namara Lwansa:  At 14, she is our youngest League member (Tanzania):  Namara has been continuing her Youtube presentations learning new techniques to enhance her skills.  Check her out in this presentation on emotions:

Other Opps & Resources

  • From Ryan Arndt:  The Stacks Foundation supports the mission of a user-owned internet through governance, research and development, education, and grants on the Stacks Blockchain.  Our mission is to deliver the promise of Web 3, where every internet user can participate in the value they create because they have full ownership of their identity, money, and data.  Learn more:
  • Link to my Thrive Global Legacy article – Thanks to member, Monique Wells, for the privilege of sharing through her.
  • An opportunity to hop into the leadership conversation around women’s health from member Marissa Fayer.
If you are interested in getting in on the conversation, visit
If you have news you’d like to share as we move into another year, please let us know – new directions, changes, or releases/announcements.  Until next time, wishing you and yours safe and happy holidays.