Business Opportunities December 2019

Here are a few business development opportunities we have in the pipeline. If you are a Frontrunners League member and see an opportunity for yourself or someone you know, get in touch. If you aren’t a Frontrunners League member, email

We are looking for:

  • Technology innovators interested in manufacturing deals in India.  Patent, Marketing, Licensing, and plenty of other offerings on this.
  • Dairy and Alternative Meats distributors.
  • Corporations with an interest in exploring recycling for electronic devices (automobile, academics, health industries, particularly).
  • Disruptive innovators in healthcare looking for potential collaborators, business connections, and other opportunities.
  • Healthcare programs with interest in an AI conversational chatbot tied to a premier health search engine.
  • Dental innovators with need of 3dprinter expertise.
  • US-based clinical trial partner (diabetes-related).
  • Corporations with workplace safety issues and looking for a solution.
  • Organizations and programs tied to the hispanic community.
  • Companies and associations with an interest in feeding hungry and/or members/employees that would participate in an organization-wide social impact project.
  • Corporation/organization interested in helping young entrepreneurs in Nigeria by participating in a used-computer donation program.
  • Museums and Travel and Tourism professionals interested in alternate reality (AR) experiences like portals to engage visitors
  • Governments or communities and NGOs in marginalized and remote areas interested in telehealth programs and clean water systems.  (See 3:57 video below on the NUF water purification system)

Just a few for now.  Get in touch if you see something.