The Frontrunners League was launched in 2018 by professional networker, Mary Kurek,  with the assistance of a former client and a business partner.  It began as a companion network to the online business networking magazine developed by Kurek, called The Introducer, renamed in 2019 as Frontrunners Innovate.  The magazine is the first international business networking magazine focused on impact and enjoys a partnership with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

In early 2020, The League and the magazine (Frontrunners Innovate) merged into a singular business opportunity.

Frontrunners League is an international membership-based business development organization with a mission of connecting the problem solvers of the world with those seeking solutions.  The League is filled with innovators whose works are continuing to gain momentum with our help. Additionally, we work hand-in-hand with entities and individuals on assisting with resource challenges as they seek to solve issues within communities and countries.  We work primarily in the health, wellness, and technology spaces carrying projects in 3d printing, medical device advancement, data privacy and security, technological innovations in training and simulation, as well as disaster/emergency relief, global health programs, and food security.  We facilitate hundreds of introductions each year that result in partnerships, funding and publicity opportunities, business contracts, clinical trial partners, and distribution deals.

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