Update 8-12-18: New Media Portal for League – Releasing to Public This Week

This week’s updates on League member projects and opportunities:

  • Welcome new members Steve Reid (UK based), and Brandon Schielack (US based).  Steve is interested in working on innovative projects that help diabetes patients.  Brandon is expanding his PlatForum community-organizing platform.  Really interesting how he’s using it in TX with university students who need work experience and the platform matches them with alumni who are hiring.  Check their profiles in the roster.  We’ve already set up a convo between Steve and LLW to explore possibilities within projects they are working.  We are also looking at connecting Brandon with some more universities.
  • Welcome new Advisory Board Member for the League, Wendy Steele.  Wendy has tons of organizational experience and talents in pulling together groups to achieve a big mission.  You can check the roster to get to know her better. (She was featured in the women’s empowerment issue of The Introducer.)
  • Member, Steven Clarke of RTG Group has just opened their first office in the US (NYC).  He has a MILLENNIALIZATION Program. It’s a B2B play that helps Companies to…
    • improve Corporate Culture
    • attract and retain high-quality Millennial talent
    • builds a stronger emotional connection to their Brand

    This is all done through a new customized Team Building Program where each Team creates their own Goals and Strategies and competes against the other Teams to see who can feed the most Americans.  Connect with Steven sclarke@rtggroupinc.com

  • The League is getting its own media portal that will share photos, screenshots, videos, and releases on things you are doing and what the League is doing.   News release going out this week to the public to share info about the League.  If you see anything on Linkedin or social media – please pass the word.  Also, if you know of a media outlet or blog where we should place the release, let us know.  Serves us all.  Here’s a short video we’re sharing:  https://youtu.be/braEw-MdXTo
  • If you are looking for funding for an impact innovation and have a well-done pitch deck, let me know, as our member, Arthur Bavelas, will explore the possibility of putting you in front of his investor rep pool in NYC.  Must have your “ducks in a row.”  Email me mary@marykurek.com
  • If you have information on Innovation Challenges or conferences we should know about, post in comment section.

That’s it for now.