Meet The Frontrunners League Partner, Living, Learning, & Working

7-12-18  Introducing The Frontrunners League partner, Living, Learning, and Working, Inc.  (LLW).  LLW is a nonprofit headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, with a long history of producing service programs and projects that create social impact.  Their primary focus areas are aging and veterans, healthcare, housing, economic and business development, transportation, and energy. This Consortium is very-well connected on a global scale and Consortium members and partners are creating some amazing innovations in wearable tech that are winning important awards.  

The Overton family founded LLW and it is that family whose ancestors founded Memphis.  Their ancestors also played important roles in the development of the United States serving as government and political leaders.  Doctors James Overton and brother Phineas both served in the military, as did several other brothers. Their cousin, Richard Overton, is currently the oldest living black US military serviceman at 112 years old. Their passion and respect for veterans is a special mission within the work they do, and anyone who is of like mind and has ideas and resources should create a relationship with them and explore possibilities.  Connect with Annie, the Communications Director for the League should you wish us to help you make contact.