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What is the Frontrunners League

The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation is a platform for the most talented disruptors in the social impact innovation space to come together to network and collaborate on projects. This League is possible because of a close partnership with the global consortium, Living, Learning and Working, Inc. (LLW).

Imagine a collective of the world’s best innovators and minds in the impact space, coming together to form a power-network – to support each other’s projects, as well as work together to tackle some of the hardest challenges facing our time. What we could accomplish would be exponential. That’s the vision.

And, the vision is becoming real.  Barely a month after the announcement to the game changers, who form the base for the League, and connections started happening.  More than a dozen connections were made in the first month between League members and potential collaborators and partners, advisory board members, research and test resources, and more.  Living, Learning, and Working, our partnering organization for the League, has been instrumental in facilitating new high-level conversations that are producing opportunities for large-scale projects that are almost ready to roll.  The impact spaces are diverse, but, early interactions have been with projects that have to do with accessible power supply, veterans programs, healthcare and safety, and sustainable development.  The technologies being used are amazing, and the innovators involved are real heroes.

We’re taking on projects with NGOs and social impact-focused organizations to assist with execution of contracts.  If any of this resonates with you, we want to hear from you.

This is The Frontrunners League.  You’ll find how to connect with us below.

League members, Simon T. Bailey of Florida and Quinton Scholes of S. Africa, meet in person at Simon’s speaking event in Durham, NC, USA.

Meet The Frontrunner League Founder Mary Kurek

Over the years I’ve introduced thousands of professionals to business partners, decision makers, resources, and dignitaries. I’m an advisor, connector, a facilitator…an introducer.  I am also a champion for those who create social impact.  In 2017, I founded and started producing the first international facilitated business networking magazine for social impact entitled The Introducer Magazine.  It is a free, digitally distributed publication that spotlights 10 global game changers in a specific social impact space.  The game changers are amazing social entrepreneurs, innovators, and disruptors who share through the magazine who they need to meet to expand their impact.  This is the kind of useful information that makes networking not only easy and fun…but truly meaningful.  These game changers are the core of The Frontrunners League, providing a powerful Avenger-like foundation for the incredible opportunities and challenges that are to come.  We’ve been seeing connections to collaborators, advisory board members, resources, and the possibility of expanded projects. And, we expect big things.  So should you.  If you care to join us or wish to explore opportunities for contracted project assistance for your social enterprise, the first step is to send an email to annie@frontrunnersleague.com with a few lines about your work and interests in the League.

More On Mary

League Participants are:

…divided into two tiers.  The “Avengers” make up the foundation of the League.  They have been spotlighted as game changers in The Introducer Magazine, produced by the League’s founder, Mary Kurek.  These “Avengers” are cleaning river water with ultra-sanitized dialysis filters for poor villagers in areas of Ghana.  They are partnering with the Red Cross to set up telemedicine in places like Myanmar.  They are building technologies that help diabetes patients through wearables, turning plastics from the ocean into 3D printer cable, and providing solutions to hospitals and healthcare providers so that they can spend less time on data and more time with patients.  They are using blockchain to solve workforce preparedness issues, and they are putting great start-ups in front of a room full of interested investors.  They are using art to bridge countries to bring elementary schools together, helping communities solve lead-poisoning issues, building mobile power grid systems that will change lives in marginalized areas of the world, and they are creating “smarter,” more sustainable cities.   These are people you want to know.

This is how we break it down:
Benefits to Avenger Tier
  • Portal access to upload a profile to include networking interests.
  • Access to League Roster of all Frontrunner colleagues and the “Updates” blog where projects, opportunities, and other news is shared.
  • The possibility of inclusion in LLW proposals for social impact projects (globally) as the need occurs and interests match.
  • The possibility of inclusion in other League partner projects.
  • Inclusion in Frontrunners League media to support your own marketing efforts.
  • Receive extra social media visibility through our partners, JJ Associates
  • Receive introductions to business opportunities.
The “Innovators” tier includes social impact innovators/enterprise professionals who are looking to collaborate with the game changers, boost business opportunities, and expand their impact.
Benefits to Innovator Tier:
  • Portal access to upload a profile to include networking interests.
  • Access to League Roster of all Frontrunner colleagues and the “Updates” blog where projects, opportunities, and other news is shared.
  • The possibility of inclusion in special impact projects as occurs within the League or from partnering organizations.
  • A 2-minute YouTube video on you/your work in an issue of The Introducer.
  • Mentorship and advisory assistance.
  • Pitch deck review services/business consulting/coaching assistance (reduced or zero fee, depending on detail).
  • Connection suggestions and introductions as opportunities occur.

This League is a fee-based opportunity.  If you are an “innovator” and see yourself in this League, send an email to annie@frontrunnersleague.com with a few lines about your work and your interest.


Featured in the Global Health Spring 2018 issue of The Introducer, Patricia Monthe (The Netherlands) is continuing to make a name for herself.

“We are the Frontrunners, the forward-facing keepers of hope,leading the way of impacting mankind for the greater good.”

Mary Kurek